In their "Faith outreach" The DNC left out God in the Pledge of Allegiance

The DNC left out “Under God” in the pledge of allegiance…

All inclusive?

Joe’s talking about his faith?

It’s all part of their “Outreach” to evangelicals & people of faith!

Give you goosebumps huh?

What was the 2 flags? One was the US flag.

What was the others she was pledging to?

This one was from a special messenger, I’ll leave it up to you to find out who he is:

(Hint-He’s a Marxist)

I suspect that religious beliefs of most of the delegates range between agnostic and militant atheist, so removing God from the pledge of allegiance is hardly surprising.


Maybe its the fact that not everyone in the country praises a god. Do you need someone else to mention God to make you feel better about your belief?


It may be that accepting God and objective morality get in the way of accepting the state as a quasi-deity with morality defined by the whims of leftist ideology.


You mean they used the original text?


Shhh, don’t tell them, they are supposed to be outraged by this.


And we’re also supposed to believe they’re all about sticking to this whole morals thing.


If Biden wins, the moral police will come out in full force on Jan 20, 2021.

Nope…but it’s our pledge…period. This individual was representing one of the two main parties, on national television and leading the pledge. If this is the direction libs want to go, I’m glad they’re exposing it for all to see, so that voters can vote…their belief.


And this used to be done during the pledge…Should we still be doing that as well?

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the original pledge didn’t have it.

Yep…put in during the Red Scare…

So they will vote for the actual religious candidate … Biden, right?

Yep. Nancy must be appalled. She cannot stop using God as a prop. Constantly reminding us how often she prays for us. :face_vomiting:

Wait. The Muslim caucus left out “Under God”?

We know what they really meant.

Let’s let the voters decide but…I totally disagree with what took place at the DNC regarding this.

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Probably would get in the way of their pro abortion agenda as well.


She needs to be praying for herself.


If mentioning god in the pledge of allegiance was good enough for the founding fathers it is good enough for me…