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Just getting that out, with the barbs on the back end :grimacing:


Good luck getting him to talk about the open border mess. It isn’t among the lib narratives imo.

In fact they seem to be instructed to avoid it like the plaque just like biden and the marching in lock step with biden media does.

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Just like those computers and Robots in all the Star Trek episodes when Kirk and Spock overwhelmed them with logic!


Think about it. It may come to you.

I’ve thought about it and I answered your question.

I do wish you would get to the point you want to make (if you’re trying to make a point) instead of the usual bleeding bit by bit to the tune of 20+ replies before you get to the punchline. But - your business, not mine.

The current Mayor of Anchorage was elected in a special election last June … after six years under a Democrat who was forced to resign for inappropriate sexual behavior with a woman.

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I should have known better than to suggest that you think.

Fine, but that entire state is far from liberal. I doubt it’s that kitty-grabbing Democrat mayor who’s solely responsible for the high firearm death rate.

I’ve thought and I answered your query. Pleasure as always, Samm :slightly_smiling_face:

As @SneakySFDude pointed out, that’s one of the problems with statistics. In 1983, almost half the population of McCarthy were murdered. Six people died.


Well, that’s not good, is it ? Imagine if half of Detroit perished in one year.

That’s what I said … You thought you answered the question.

Imagination is no substitute for reality.


I have never had to pass a background check to drive a car. Seems it is easier to get a drivers license than to buy a gun.

Did you have to take a written test to buy a gun? How about a hands on test graded by a trained instructor?

I must have missed the section in the Constitution where it says my right to own and operate a motor vehicle shall not be infringed. Would you be so kind as to point it out?


I agree with TNT. Making sure guns don’t end up in the hands of people not responsible enough to carry them is the least we can do.

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Hunter Biden approves this post. :rofl: :rofl:

Go ahead and agree with him. When will we be seeing the Amendment to change the 2nd Amendment up for ratification?

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