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Idaho is cutting off powerball lottery sales because Australia is joining powerball and might use some of the powerball revenue to fund anti gun legislation.

Hint to Idaho.

Jersey already does that.

Mass stupidity from the Idaho legislature.


Australia should have no part in the Powerball.


Why not? They already participate in United States gambling.

It’s just another venue of the global gambling business.


I don’t approve of the government bilking rubes of their hard earned money, so ok by me.

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So state sponsored gambling is bad.

Good to know.


Because they have no business winning the Powerball.


Can this be considered the cancel culture.

You don’t like it so it’s canceled.


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Of course it’s bad, the vast majority of players lose.

When some wins at powerball, I don’t think they care who funds their winnings?


So all state sponsored gambling should be canceled.

Is that your stance?

Do you really want the state to have the power to tell you what you can and cannot do?

What happened to freedom.

I guess it’s only for some issues.


When someone wins the American Powerball, they’re also Americans. Foreigners have no business being a part of it.

The state not running a gambling operation is not the state telling me I can’t gamble.

You must leave the state in order to participate in the powerball drawings.


Any way you slice it a state not running a lottery is not the state telling me I can’t gamble. Am I telling you not to gamble because I am not running one?

You can’t play powerball in Idaho. Due to state restriction.

Of course it’s going to stop people from gambling.

It’s also going to hurt the little guy who sells powerball tickets.


Yeah not feeling bad for the people selling them and profiting off of other poor peoples stupidity either.

Should you show proof of citizenship when you walk into a store and buy a ticket?

Hey, this just helps gas stations and and grocery stores near the Idaho border take in more cash. I remember a time before NC had the lotto. Virginia stores near the border were making all kinds of bank from NC citizens.

So honestly I don’t think this will last long.

“Cutting off your nose despite your face”

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Where does the money go?