In re: Michael Flynn (Writ of Mandamus granted, District Court must immediately dismiss the case with prejudice)

Link to Opinion of the Court by United States Circuit Judge Rao, joined by Judge Henderson. Partial dissent by Judge Wilkins.

Bottom line, the panel found that the District Court overstepped its lawful boundaries.

I personally think that this is where it ends and Flynn would be best to just slink off and stay quiet because he seriously lucked out… but what do you think the chances of an en banc review of this is?

My personal opinion is that it is slim to none.

Where’s IG Durham’s criminal indictments when ya need em?

It’s cute that you still think this is going to happen


Judge Sullivan will likely not appeal this, so no, there will be no en banc proceedings.

Yeah… I agree with this.

Anyone else find it odd that the DOJ a couple of weeks ago filed to reinstate the conviction of Flynn’s old business partner Bijan Kian while simultaneously working to get the charges against Flynn dropped?

You know… the same things that Flynn pled guilty to?


While I agree with granting the writ, the government should not have dropped the case and he should have been sentenced on the charges to which he pled guilty.

But the writ would not have been a thing without the government dropping the charges in the first place.

Hey now - Trump has 6 months left. It could happen. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Side note: it’s nice to be talking in terms of months now. :grinning:


This isn’t about Flynn. It’s about protecting the FBI.

Actually, the motion to withdraw the plea should have been granted. In light of the fact that it was not, the government should have dropped the case due to prosecutorial misconduct (with holding of brady materials) or the court should have dismissed for that reason once it was apparent if the government did not. The real deal however, is this case should never have been brought to begin with. It was a politically motivated prosecution from the outset.

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Politically motivated by a Republican controlled DOJ.

Yeah, good luck with that! :roll_eyes:

Politically motivated by Mueller and his band of 12 angry Democrats.



I bet you Obama and his Administration are scared they couldn’t distroy the man that knows everything.

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It’s clear you have no idea what is going to happen.


Now that the SDNY blockade has been run off I’m sure thing will start happening.