In light of Haspel: Trump on women (and his daughter)

I wonder what kind of a man grades his daughter like that.

In the 2004 interview with Stern, Trump tells the host that “My daughter is beautiful, Ivanka,” to which Stern interjects, “by the way, your daughter.” Trump finishes Stern’s sentence by repeating “she’s beautiful.”

“Can I say this? A piece of ass,” Stern says in the clip. “Yeah,” Trump replies.

In another clip uncovered by CNN, this one from 2006, Stern asks Trump, “did your daughter get breast implants?” The real estate mogul replied that “no, she didn’t. I mean, I would know if she did. The answer is no. Why, did she look a little more stacked?”

“She looks more voluptuous than ever,” Stern said.

“No, she didn’t get them,” Trump said. “She’s actually always been very voluptuous.”

Among the other clips from Stern’s radio show unearthed by CNN is one in which Trump says “check out time” for relationships with women is when they turn 35. In another, he discusses having sex with women who are menstruating and in yet another, he brags about having had group sex.