In latest gaffe, Biden places King, Kennedy assassinations in the late 70s

Creepy Joe seems tired. Maybe I’m unfair toward him and he just can’t remember sniffing all those children. If he gaffes out, can Warren forge her way to being the first Native American President? Will The Bern redistribute himself into the contender’s spot?

Nobody cares about his gaffes. It’s his thing

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He doesn’t even know what day it is.

BTW what day is it?

So what you’re saying is… he can be President.

If he and Trump wind up the nominees, people will watch the debates just to keep a record of who has the most awkward moments.


He’s with in the margin of error of +/- 1 decade.

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Speaking of the Bern, it looks like he’s number 2 this week for the DNC. I wonder if his chances will look fair this time?

Bet he buys another mansion after pitching his support. lol

Over under on memory lapses in first debate is set at 6000.8

I’d take the over.

It’s Caturday. Meow.

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Both MLK and Robert was shot under Johnson administration. That would put it between 65 and 69.

That’s how I remember time. I always remember who was pres at the time for any given event.

Ever follow Barney Sandlers on Facebook. It’s a parody site. Pretty funny.

Both were 1968…i think late April or early may for King and Kennedy was June.

I knew it was weekend because my nephew picked me up to look at a house. :wink:

Nah, I don’t follow political pages. They pollute people’s newsfeeds.

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Funny how you never make threads like this whenever Trump says anything stupid.

Followed Bernie for a while because he had me curious, and then came the parody which twisted everything Sanders said or did.

Y’all don’t need my help with that. lol

Besides, you libs would just whine that my OP’s aren’t angry enough at the Orange Man. :rofl:

Your hypocrisy is noted.

I take back my original statement. It would appear as though I still follow USABall. Hilarious memes.

yOuR hYpOcRiSy Is NoTeD tOo :rofl:

Give yourself a pat on the back. lol