In July, New Mexico will require background checks on all gun sales

Are you suggesting that criminals would give that testimony?

Like they do everyday in courtrooms around the country… Are you under the mistaken belief that sheriff’s charge people with crimes exclusively?

What gives you the right to know what guns I have the constitutional right to own? Why is it any of your or the state and federal governments right to know what I own if I am a law abiding citizen? My right to own a gun is not infringing on any of your rights.
Should we make a law that everyone who votes has to have a background check before they can vote? And than you have to pay a fee of say 40.00 every time you vote. Then we will have a data base that the government can utilize that will tell them who you voted for. This does not infringe on your right to vote but would you want this?
First there is the language in the second amendment. You know that part about shall not be infringed. Then let’s see we have the 10 amendment. The Firearm Owners’ Protection Act of 1986 prevents a national gun registry.
Lets take the Patriot act it was sold as you have nothing to fear if you aren’t doing anything wrong. I was against it. For the simple fact that if you give the government an inch they will use that law to go a mile. We now know that the Patriot Act gave the federal government the right to do a lot of things that they said they weren’t going to do.

It’s ironic that you chose this example… We do require registration to vote…hmmmmm

One may well ask: “How can you advocate breaking some laws and obeying others?” The answer lies in the fact that there are two types of laws: just and unjust. I would be the first to advocate obeying just laws. One has not only a legal, but a moral responsibility to obey just laws. Conversely, one has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws. I would agree with St. Augustine that “an unjust law is no law at all.”

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Did you miss the fact that 26 out of 33 countries have passed resolutions that they will not be enforcing the New Mexico gun laws.

When county sheriff’s can indict someone I’ll be concerned… DA’s and the state indict persons for violating state law, not sheriff’s…

But there is no national data base that registers who you voted for every time you voted. This is what you are asking gun owners to do. You also do not have to have a back ground check to vote. Your asking gun owners to have a back ground check every time they purchase a gun. You also do not have to pay a fee every time you vote. Your asking gun owners to pay a fee every time they purchase a new gun. I said nothing about registration to vote. We already have to go through more to purchase a gun which we have a constitutional right to own than you do to vote.
You all squeal like crazy every time an id to vote is proposed in any state because of the cost and the it infringes on your right to vote. Does not seem to me that you have to go through a whole lot of hassle to vote when compared to what gun owners already have to go through to purchase a product that the 2nd amendment guaranties that they can own.
And when a national registry does nothing to curb gun violence in the US the next step will be gun confiscation we already hear the left whispering that that is what they really want. I keep hearing the excuse that if it prevents just one person from being shot that it is worth it. Well to me if owning a gun prevents one person from being killed owning a gun is worth it for me.

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Who do you think is going to arrest the person violating the law? I sure it is not going to be the DA. And how is the DA going to know that a law is violated if the sheriff does not arrest that person? How is the state or the DA going to indict a person that they don’t even know about?
And who is going to know if I sold a gun that my father bought in the 30’s or even a year ago?
And you tell me how is this law going to stop someone from getting a gun and committing a crime. You all are going after the wrong thing. Your going after law abiding citizens and letting criminals do what ever they want. Which goes to show that your agenda isn’t really about stopping gun violence.

Are you suggesting that county sheriff’s will refuse to execute a warrant from a judge? That problem should take care of itself pretty quickly as sheriff’s are cited for contempt and taken into custody…

You are correct, these are not national registers they are state registers… States sell this data to political campaigns regularly…

Should be an easy case to win in federal court if your are correct… (hint: you are not correct…)

Sounds like fear mongering to me… Let me know when someone proposes legislation to confiscate guns, I will oppose it…

There doesn’t need to be a case to prove it.

Since the old forum is gone we can’t look up the squealing from the left on voter ID from this forums own members. But just google search it for examples from other sites.

If requiring a ID and few to vote is an infringement on voting rights, than it also is on firearms. Arguing otherwise is blatantly hypocritical.

Is hypocrisy enough in federal court to overturn a law?

Think! Who are they going to issue a warrant for if they don’t even know a person sold a gun without a background check? They don’t even know what guns a person owns so how are they going to know if one was sold?
This problem will take care of it’s self when law abiding rural gun owning voters come out in mass to overturn this bill. As an added bonus they will probably vote GOP.

Gosh, let me think… testimony of witnesses?

The statewide referendum proposed by the NM GOP? Good luck…

I’m under no mistaken beliefs. The testimony of the criminal on trial is not proof that you sold him the gun.

There is a third type of laws … stupid laws passed to make a segment of people feel good even though the law has no impact on the underlying crime it was passed to address.

If you support the assault rife ban you already support gun confiscation.
And I think the gun grabbers have gotten away with a lot since Heller. The SC has spent a lot of time since than not wanting to get evolved with the gun debate. But I think with the new laws all encroaching on the second amendment that they will have no chose but to settle the debate. And I’m confidante that if they follow the constitution they will strike down these laws.

People go to prison every day in this country based on the testimony of criminals…

Not without evidence in addition to the testimony.

Criminal: Steel-W0LF sold me a gun!

Me: No I didn’t.

Now what?