In honor of MLK day

Holding an entire nation hostage but let’s just compare fat donald to MLK.

Also, not one single tweet today from fat donald honoring MLK.

And to top it off, fat donald’s schedule is completely free today.

Trump should just make a blank statement about not caring about these kinds of things. Everyone knows that. Let’s just stop with the fake outrage when he doesn’t act like a normal, caring human being. It’s Trump. He could give a ■■■■ about most things things that aren’t about him.

In honor of my frat brother and to counter Mike Pence’s nonsense

MSNBC showed Trump and Pence paying a very short visit to what appeared to be MLK’s gravesite. Dropped a wreath and left. No public statements.

MLK is buried in Atlanta, GA. It appears he went to the MLK memorial in DC. For 2 mins. To be fair, it’s very cold in DC today.

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They’re in Atlanta?

A Trump-bashing thread veiled in honoring MLK.

lol :popcorn:


Every thread on here is a Trump bashing thread. It’s a pathology.

Perhaps Trump shouldn’t be a buffoon.



Well, when you’re right, you’re right. lol

Maybe his detractors shouldn’t be so obsessed. A couple of the worst ones haven’t been around in quite awhile. I’m worried that they had to be hospitalized.

I have a dream that the Sons of slaves and the Sons of slave owners will one day sit down at the table of brotherhood. I too have that dream. It is a dream solidly based in what we should all be hoping for. So with that I will HONOR MLK DAY in the right way. And hope that we can all sit down at the table of brotherhood and hope that we can stop hating each other because of differing political views, different religious beliefs, of differing skin tones.

Sitting at the Table of Brotherhood…right now…anyone care to join me.

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It is Fake News that Donald Trump did not tweet about the honorary MLK. Like Donald J. Trump, no one is like MLK. Many people say that Donald Trump did not know who MLK was until today, but they spread lies because they are jealous of great people like MLK and Donald J. Trump. Great patriots who are not paid today WIN BIG because the Democrats are going to curl up like cheap costumes. What’s happening? Employment growth in the US manufacturing industry is Amazing. 1997 was 21 years ago, and since then we have never seen anything like it. I think he found a magic wand. Thanks to the United States for giving us Donald Trump and MLK.

Trump is an unabashedly awful person. It just happens.

How does this honor MLK?

Fake thread title. Typical of this place over the past month or so.

Don’t elect a person like Trump. See, it’s that easy.

I didn’t! I didn’t vote for him, I didn’t vote for Hillary. I voted Libertarian as Johnson held most closely to my political beliefs.

There I go making assumptions. My bad. But the point holds. Don’t expect butterflies and rainbows when people champion a dip ■■■■ like Trump.

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No, they weren’t. My mistake.

He is the president of the United States. People are going to critique when he acts like a reality tv star.

I will say this, at least he uses the right kind of mustard and doesn’t wear a tan suit.