In case you haven't heard, another hate crime from the left

Yeah wokies. These are your people. Even though you deny they are. One of the things they are trying to do is to get her to vote with the democrats. So yep. Politics. These are your goons. Own them. And don’t try to change the subject. Thanks in advance.


GOP Congresswoman’s Home Vandalized With Antifa Symbols On Memorial Day | The Daily Caller

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“all politicians are bastards" .

I doubt this is the left, looks like anarchists.

Not a “hate crime”, just a regular old crime.

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Meanwhile another hate crime no doubt one of their own.

I doubt that guy has any strong political beliefs. He’s a deeply disturbed individual. He has also been arrested and is being charged with a hate crime.

Soft expectations.


Sure. It was only a coincidence that they demanded that she vote with democrats. Own it.


Sounded pretty hateful to me.


what are the “antifa symbols”? seems that someone is confusing Anarchy and Antifa.

I heard about it, it’s all over the news


Don’t know, don’t care. But I do know they are trying to intimidate her in to voting with the democrats. Democratic goons regardless.


Where did you hear it first?

If you prefer, I can delete that part of my title.

I fixed it!!! How do you like it now?


maybe we can add this investigation to the Jan 6 insurrection hearing? seems like they are linked.

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Looks like another one of those dark-skin white guys up to no good again.

“All politicians are bastards” + Anarchist symbols = left?!


You can’t make this up

Guy doesn’t even try to run or hide himself or his identity after the assault.

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Yeah, that symbol predates Antifa by quite a bit. I had it on some clothing 35 years ago. :grinning:

All that aside, I hope they find who vandalized Mace’s house and prosecute them. No room for that sort.

Agreed. Politics is never that serious

Well, that’s just stupid. “All politicians are bastards”, who do they think votes for the Pro Act ?

lol… does she think the “A” in the anarchy symbol stands for Antifa?