In an ironic turn, Biden will nominate Kentucky Solicitor General Chad Meredith to a seat on the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Kentucky

The above link is to Chad Meredith’s Federalist Society biography.

Chad Meredith is a distinguished attorney by any measure. Eminently well qualified to hold a federal judgeship.

However, he is as conservative as any judge Trump put on the courts and defended Kentucky’s abortion statutes.

The irony is that his nomination comes in the wake of Dobbs.

So, you may ask, why is Biden nominating him???

The answer is, of course, McConnell.

In an evenly divided Senate, Biden needs help from McConnell to get some of his other nominees through. Giving some picks in McConnell’s favor will help ensure that other of Biden’s preferred nominees get through the Senate.

The wheeling and dealing in the Senate for District Judgeships is an old game. Even Trump had to play it. Bush and Obama appointed several nominees from the opposite party to ensure their own nominees made it through.

Biden knows the Senate, obviously. Thus he knows he must play the wheeling and dealing game.

Geez, taking advantage of an old man with dementia. That’s a new low for McConnell. :rofl:

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Birds of a feather… :wink:

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