In a sign that private space activity is picking up, Space Force allocates three historic launch pads at CCSFS to private companies

Link to announcement, delivered via Twitter.

SLC 15 to ABL Space.
SLC 14 to Stoke Space.
SLC 13 to Phantom Space and Vaya Space.

SLC 13 was an Atlas missile site from 1958 through 1978. It has been used by SpaceX for Falcon 9/Heavy landing pads and will continue in that use for some time before it transitions to use by Phantom Space and Vaya Space.

SLC 14 was an Atlas missile site, as well as the site of the four manned Mercury/Atlas missions. It was also the site of the launch of Atlas-Agena target vehicles for Project Gemini. It was in service from 1957 to 1966.

SLC 15 was a Titan I and Titan II missile site from 1959 to 1964.

When Newt talked about this, everyone laughed… such a clown!

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He was correct. His timeline was rather ambitious, however and could not have been achieved.

But timeline aside, he was correct.

he normally is. and it still saddens me that he was not nominated in 2012 and we ended up in mittiocrity


What did he say?

among many things

I remember that…of course you and I were a minority here. Romney was repugs man. Oh wait…he never announced his gender. :wink:

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