Important advice for Sarah

Be more careful when you go out to dinner. First. Do not let them know that you are coming. Secondly. Show up late. Have your dinner party go in and order for you. Then enter the restaurant after your food has been delivered. Be careful. Do not under any circumstances allow these sociopaths to know in advance that they will be handling your food. We have no idea what they are capable of.

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Important advice for Sarah: stay home.

Advice for Sara: find a Con restaurant. I’m sure they won’t have any of those brown skinned people working there.

Advice for Sarah… start telling the truth and people will respect you more.


Jez. Liberals only complain when they think conservatives are lying. They give liberal liars a pass. So your arguments sinks quicker than the Titanic. It’s all about the unhinged, hysterical Trump haters. Nobody cares about the truth. But everybody should be able to eat without being harassed.

I think I have been around here long enough for everyone to know that if something is blatantly a lie or if there is new and superior information I won’t defend or continue to dig in my heels.

So nice try going and throwing that “lib” paint… it ain’t going to work.

Sanders lies for a living. She repeats the blatant lies that the President says.

I think it is foolish for people to defend those actions.

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Excellent!!! It only took two replies for an obsessed liberal to turn it into a racial thing! Fantastic!!! You are of course referring to the brown people who vote democrat. Right? Cuz y’all hate the brown people who vote republican. Hate em with a passion.

BTW. Please make race your number one issue in November! Puh-leeeze do it!

Unless your gay

What if you are a gay republican? Then the libs discover that they can be a little anti gay.

If she didn’t lie, and work for a liar, and justify things like lying to the american people, she wouldn’t have this problem.

I am calling total Bull â– â– â– â–  on tis one. You could not care less about lies. You only care about republican lies. The lies of the left get totally ignored by you.

And no. She does not deserve to be harassed at dinner for what you claim are lies. Nobody liberal or conservative deserves this. You could not be more wrong. Liberals need to stop throwing their five year old baby temper tantrums. Grow up!

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If you’re a gay republican you must really hate yourself to align with such an openly bigoted political party.

Really? Do you have any proof of this? Are you paying attention? There are a few republicans who are anti gay. And a few democrats as well. But there is no republican plan to roll back gay rights and there never will. Many of us conservatives were pro gay marriage before Barack and Hillary were. You need to catch up. Get with the times. Conservatives have better things to worry about. Things that actually affect us. Calm down. You worry more than you should.

I’m loving my $2500 a year in savings from the ACA. And my parents are loving the fact that their plan changed five times in five years and had to change providers.

Just little white lies I guess. Nothing wrong with those.

Feels this way about Gibbs?

Same here! And the fact that “There was not a smidgen of evidence that the IRS targeted conservatives” and “Fast and furious was started by George Bush.” I totally remember all the liberal outrage over those whoppers. Don’t you? Liberal care oh sooooo much about lies.:joy:

And you only care about the lies of the other tribe, and are totes cool with the lies from your tribe.

You’re part of the problem. Stop being OK with ANY lies, and you won’t come off as such a hypocrite.

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Right back atcha! :rofl:

No, I’m fully capable of calling out lies from both, and I do. I don’t like being liked to.

When Trump lies, however, those tingles up your leg get 10 feet taller.

The republicans lied to us about Obamacare. I hated that. I have many more examples. Which democratic lies do you hate?