Impeachment support building?

Time to don a tin foil cap. The President just does not appear to be winning friends in the Senate. Today you even had Lindsey Graham coming out saying he doesn’t see a path forward to opening government and is supposedly depressed about the situation, that Trump’s plans for an emergency declaration are not great. McConnell’s situation has been a bit strange. He’s holding up legislation that would open the government since Trump wouldn’t entertain it, but perhaps there’s more to it. Senators are starting to buckle and the damage from the shutdown is not an open secret, even amongst GOP Senate members. McConnell’s position is perilous, he goes the veto route around Trump perhaps he loses his seat, but the the longer it goes on the more desperate Trump becomes evidenced by his ever more fantastic plans to get his wall, now including re-directing disaster funds from actual disasters. The longer McConnell holds out, the more unstable Trump appears and more his Senate support crumbles. And this is important because Senators defecting away from Trump if he’s perceived as damaging the country may translate into impeachment votes should that day ever materialize for democrats.

As long as McConnell remains the President’s lap dog, nothing will happen

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You think 2/3rds of the Senate is going to impeach the president? Impeachment is a partisan affair I don’t see the votes.

I’m pretty sure Trump is going to pin his hopes on the Democrats suing him if/when he tries to go the National Emergency route. Then he gets to blame them when he doesn’t get his Wall.

But who knows even that plan may backfire on him as senate republicans are loathe to follow him down that rabbit hole.

This whole thing is blowing up in the GOPs face. The Dems just get to sit back and watch Trump dig his hole deeper and deeper.

Or he could just declare a state of Emergency and do it himself.

I thought the democrats were worried about the government workers and not the politics. If they sit back and relax as you put it they might not be working for a long long time.

Rule number one: don’t negotiate with hostage takers. The Dems are playing this exactly right.


Yep. Trump completely painted himself into a corner on this one. He’s really got nowhere to go.

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I will disagree with the OP that this translates into impeachment votes. Even if Mueller has ironclad evidence of malfedance and criminality, the GOP senate is highly unlikely to defect and toss Trump out of office.

Agree, there aren’t enough votes yet.

It’s all set for Trump to declare an emergency. It lets him open the gov. and say he gave his best shot a wall.

That is actually pretty funny.


Yup. Though I have a feeling there are some pretty big hiccups down that road too. Not only Dems sue, every GOP senator and house member will be on the record for whether they agree with that approach. Talk about executive power on steroids- something conservatives have long been against- at least theoretically. Should be fun to watch the next episode.

Not according to Cher!!

Better chance of that happening than 2/3rds of the senate.

If Trump has indeed committed bad and nasty deeds the Senate will not be a factor. The court of public opinion will be driving the bus. If what I have read about Mueller is true, he does not accuse without rock solid evidence that will hold up in court.

If Donald threatens their DC careers Republican politicians will abandon the SS Trump faster than rats.

I have to admit, with the word is absent from the thread title, I thought this was a thread about a building. Like, all those in favor of impeaching Trump report to this building. Sometimes I worry that my brain is turning to mush.

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Maxine…is that you?

regular ole hard working Americans don’t want all the drama that the spoiled rich punk brought to DC. we want him to close him mouth and work stuff out. as it is a 1970s Soap Opera semi star is running our country and people are tired of him.

man, 2020 and the next election can’t get here fast enough (along with Mueller reporting and the State attorney generals sending the Trumps to the prison for Tax evasion and money laundering).

If I have learned anything from elections I wouldn’t get your hopes up to soon. Both sides at times have a gift of nominating the worst candidate they possibly can to run for president. In 2020 the same states that decide every election will decide this one as well, the country is split that way.

You might be personally be wanting O’Rourke but the primaries might put in Sanders and no one knows how that will turn out.