Impeachment Doesn’t Require a Crime

We need to have this video played for the Senate.

It is all the probable cause President Trump needed to ask as he did for the Ukrainian admin to look into it.

If Biden is on the level…THIS HELPS HIM and HURTS Trump.

The risk is on the corrupt, not the just.


There’s no probable cause in the video at all.

Even less probable cause to believe the “Democratic server” is in the Ukraine somewhere.

Those are ridiculous ideas that resonate with the base, not hints of possible corruption

Have you seen the video?

Stand alone it looks rather bad. Six hours…Billion Dollar Loan…One prosecutor.


And then we could enter into evidence the official opinion of the Senate Ukraine Caucus from 2016 to show that the action of removing Shokin was the official policy of the US.

Succeeding in these reforms will show Russian President Vladimir Putin that an independent, transparent, and democratic Ukraine can and will succeed. It also offers a stark alternative to the authoritarianism and oligarchic cronyism prevalent in Russia. As such, we respectfully ask that you address the serious concerns raised by Minister Abromavi?ius‎. We similarly urge you to press ahead with urgent reforms to the Prosecutor General’s office and judiciary. The unanimous adoption by the Cabinet of Ministers of the Basic Principles and Action Plan is a good step


Schumer asked Senate to include witnesses, including Joe Biden, in Tuesdays discussion on rules.

Ya know what? 53 (which is all of them) Republicans voted NOT to include witnesses, which meant they have no desire to hear Joe Biden.

The difference being that Biden was acting in an official capacity to implement official US foreign policy to further our official national interests.

Trump used his slime ball attorney to pressure Ukraine to announce investigations into a political rival to get a one up on him this election while jeopardizing our national interests.

Totes the same.

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Yeah…Yeah…not even a “hint”.

Oooooooops…there it is. :sunglasses:

NOW you are heading in the right direction.

Much better strategy than putting up a firewall over looking at this.


I suppose they have seen enough then.


Remember when foreign money-bought Idiot Nunes and Idiot Collins kept diarrheaing all over the TVs about having Joe Biden as a witness? Schumer was agreeing with them. Why do the spineless R’s in Senate not want to take up Idiot Nunes’ cause? Maybe Idiot Nunes and his foreign money and Drunk-o Gaetz can bum rush the Senate hearings, claiming not fair! Secret meetings!

You are correct. Impeachment does not require a crime.

"other high Crimes and Misdemeanors" is a phrase taken directly from English Impeachment Law. It means maladministration of office.

In England, officials accused of “high crimes and misdemeanors” were accused of offenses as varied as misappropriating government funds to appointing unfit subordinates, etc.

Interesting thread that once again devolved into a ■■■■■■■ stupid Biden derailment…

Congrats folks.

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Who is it that you think sets official US foreign policy again?

When that official holds up foreign aide to a country in order for that country to begin an investigation into a political rival, its an abuse of power.

You don’t think this upset Trump*?

"As former Vice President Joe Biden prepares to enter the race for the Democratic presidential nomination, he’s doing so as the front-runner, polling ahead of both fellow Democrats and President Donald Trump.

A new Morning Consult/Politico poll conducted April 19-21 [2019] among 1,992 registered voters found Biden leading the president by 8 percentage points in a hypothetical matchup, 42 percent to 34 percent. Biden has a significant edge over Trump among women (17 points), millennials (22 points) and independents (10 points)."

Seriously? You totally ignore the first part of what you just stated? How about holding up the foreign aid to fire someone who is investigating? Is that not an abuse of power or is that…different in your eyes?

Last time. There was no investigation going on when Shokin was fired. No investigation. Zero. None. Zilch.

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Groundhog Day.


It is what I have said all along. Republican continually get it wrong in the unyielding defense of the President as completely innocent of any wrong doing.

Abuse of power is also in my opinion an abuse of trust. The American Electorate put him there, and entrust in him certain powers that we as citizens expect to be used appropriately. And when they are misused to the extent that is has been, impeachment is the appropriate step to be taken.

I have said all along that Trump will be acquitted in the Senate, but that does not mean impeachment was unnecessary. The system of checks and balances has worked congress is checking this president and it is hoped that the use of power the president has remains in balance.

Republicans need to be strong and if nothing else, REBUKE this president for his abuses.


And Biden was implementing official US foreign policy- which is why he did it in public, on video. Not in secret.