Impeachment Doesn’t Require a Crime

As usual, the National Review gets it right here. Republicans, driven by the obstinacy of the President, are making arguments that are implausible to embarrassing.

Abuse of power can certainly rise to the level of a high crime and misdemeanor. It can also be a peccadillo. Same as if the President committed a named crime.

Republicans should admit that Trump abused his power, as he clearly did. They should then argue that while an abuse occurred, it does not rise to the level of a high crime and misdemeanor and thus does not merit removal from office.

National Review gets it right and I agree with them. Republicans should admit to Trump’s wrong doing, but acquit him as a peccadillo. Then leave it to the voters to affirm or reject that judgement in November.


The Senate Republicans will never admit that the President did anything wrong.


Because there being constrained by a stubborn fool who is incapable of acknowledging his own wrongs.

In any event, Republicans in the Senate need to shut up on this. Don’t defend him. Don’ contradict him. Just cast your vote as you will and say nothing.

So they’re admitting no crimes was committed…just that they don’t trust American people to do what’s in theirs best interest.

Is that what never Trumpers over at National Review are saying?

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No crimes are REQUIRED to convict. Abuse of power, if it rises to an abusive enough level is sufficient.

By the way, National Review favors acquittal at this point for the same reason I do, that the abuse of power amounts to peccadilloes and does not rise to high crimes and misdemeanors.

And they EXPLICITLY say the American people will decide in November.

“Impeachment doesn’t require a crime.”

I don’t trust anything that comes out of Rich Lowry publications.

So you’re admitting no crime then…it’s all political.

Good to know. It validates my thread that I started.

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William F. Buckley thought highly enough of him to pass the torch.

I would just play the Biden brag video from 2018 then read the phone call transcript and be done.

If Biden did nothing wrong. There is no problem. It bolsters his corruption fighting resume.

That is the entire case.

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And I was never a big fan of his. It was under his watch that allowed democrats to go unchallenged on too many issua. Gave into them to many times just so he can have a seat at the Sunday morning talk show table.

where did trump “clearly” abuse power?

William Buckley was one of the more ardent, reasoned, intelligent defenders of conservatism there will likely ever be.

It says a lot about where some conservatives are in 2020 that they would reject him.

Because it’s hard to imagine the days where one could defend one’s own beliefs without considering those who held other beliefs to be a wholly evil enemy that had to be utterly defeated.

Imagine if it becomes widely known that Ronald Reagan and Tip O’Neill used to drink together regularly.

The horrors!


Why would anyone okay the Biden video? Anyone with any knowledge on what happened understands all of the players involved and how what was done was not illegal.

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Stay the course and shove this impeachment process right up the derrieres of all that brought this on. Biden’s actions were corrupt. These politicians who attempt to enrich their sons and daughters by abusing their elected power to do so needs to be fully exposed and prosecuted if this is considered wrong doing? One side wants to prosecute the person exposing this corruption and ignore the corruption. Are you kidding me? Shove it back, right up their rears.

How were Bidens actions corrupt?

So there is no objection to highlight Biden corruption prowess.

See if you are sincere about Biden having done the right thing then you want the 2018 brag video presented more than John Bolton who is more likely to plead the 5th than offer any helpful testimony.


Is a quid pro quo corrupt? Are many upset stating Trump with held money? This is a crime? Ok…then…

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The counter ads with Kushner and Ivanka write themselves if you go down that path.

Have at it…