Impeachement. Why are the dems balking?

It’s simple. Because they know they don’t have a case. When they present their “evidence” they will have nothing to present but opinions and speculation. Everything they have is political. Nothing is legal.

Also. Impeachment will mean intense digging into the FISA warrant, Fusion GPS, FBI officials interfering with an election and all of the other sleazy stuff. Including testimony by Robert Mueller. There has been a flip and for good reason, the dems don’t want Mueller’s testimony, but the Republicans do. And the role of Obama and Biden will certainly be called into question. This is the last thing the dems want.

Impeachment is very risky and could be incredibly embarrassing to the Democrats and could end with some of them in the clink. For these reasons, the dems will be happy to do nothing bit talk about impeachment and their voters will be happy to simply listen to the babble.

I truly love how delaying impeachment is driving Trump insane. It does seem to be tricking down to some of his supporters.

It would be a big mistake to underestimate Nancy. Big.


I truly love how they have you believing that they are “delaying.” There is no delay. It’s been three years. You actually think they are still collecting evidence? Not a chance. You think that they will be impeaching a president who’s term is almost over? Again, not a chance. After three years, waiting for the middle of a campaign to impeach a president would be incredibly sleazy. People will recognize this. It ain’t happening. You are being played. Bigly.

Maybe for the same reason Hillary hasn’t been locked up yet?

Or why Trump hasn’t declassified the FISA stuff?

The spectacle is the point.


Didn’t the last thread just like this get locked?

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I don’t know. Are you suggesting that the mods lock my thread?

You don’t know your own thread got locked?
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I have never before made the comments that I have made for this post. But I do appreciate your feedback. Do you think the dems are going to impeach? If so, when?

The Democrats want to end the Trump Presidency. Impeachment will not achieve that. The evidence for multiple counts is excellent, despite what you claim and the FISA warrant, Fusion stuff will fair poorly if aired in sunshine rather than in the conservative entertainment complex bubble… but what does it matter. At this point, the Republican majority in the Senate remains committed to protecting Trump’s lawlessness and so an effort to remove would fail. Even if successful, all it does is elevate the less noxious Mike Pence to the Presidency. And the entire process allows Trump an his supporters to whine endlessly about what terrible victims they are and spin their Deep State conspiracy theories.

Far better to bide one’s time until the 2020 election with a focus on Healthcare, wage stagnation, climate change, abortion rights, gun safety, tariffs, the Republican tax giveaway to the rich. On every one of these issues, the Democrats have an advantage in public opinion. And when they look back to 2018, the Democrats succeeded by keeping the focus on Health Care, while the Republicans failed behind their strategy of demonizing Nancy Pelosi.

It seems obvious that Trump would love to bait the Democrats into fighting on impeachment grounds. The Democrats, wisely will bide their time, counting the on likelihood that the courts will follow precedent from the Nixon ear, and curtail the President’s efforts to hide his unique combination fo illegality and failure behind executive privilege.

Why adopt a losing strategy when a winning one is available? Because altair1013 would like them to? Not too likely.


/mic drop


You make great points. And I have equally great answers.

Maybe for the same reason Hillary hasn’t been locked up yet? Hillary has not been locked up because in this country, we do not lock up high ranking government officials or politicians. To treat them with the same standards as we would the peasants would be barbaric.

Or why Trump hasn’t declassified the FISA stuff? Probably because the investigation is still in progress. Maybe after it has been completed, the information will be released? But that’s just a guess.

The spectacle is the point. Yes. yes it is. There are very few straight shooters in politics. It’s all a big show. And they are all actors.

Or Gitmo closed.

Will they? Probably not.
Will they keep the talk out there all the way up to the election next year? You can bet on that.

It’s simpler than that. The senate won’t convict because they are terrified of his base, so most believe it would be a futile excercise.

pelosi is a weak and cowardly hysterical woman.

newt would have had it done by now.

They just need to keep the crazies interested or else they’ll lose them altogether. Just look at cnn ratings.

You are correct. The dim bulbs such as AOC and the Islamic faction are insisting on impeachment. The people such as Nancy who are a little more savvy know this would be a disaster. Meanwhile, millions of democratic voters are convinced that impeachment is on the table. They are being scammed.

This broken record is seeing a lot of play lately!!

I love how this is driving Trump supporters more wacko.

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That’s not what the democratic congress is telling you. Most are telling you that impeachment is on the table. They are simply waiting for the right time. The voters are being scammed

Trump really fears Pelosi. There’s a good reason: She’s succeeded in defeating him. Be afraid. Be very afraid.