Impeach Donald Trump

Let’s see. How many ways has Trump proved that he should be impeached!

  1. The economy is great. Everywhere I go, I see “help wanted” signs. On company commercials, an unbelievable amount of companies are using their tv commercials to beg for help.
  2. Liberals try to make the people believe the tax cuts Trump gave us are crumbs & the liberals want them back.
  3. Trump is dealing with NOKO, & the EU problems, as well as Russia,
  4. Obama cut our military to the bone & thought nothing about it. Trump is now building our military up to the proud level before Obama.
  5. Trump loves our country & we the people. He is doing everything he can to protect us.
  6. Trump is attempting to keep illegals out of this country. Go to NOKO & take a poster paper off the wall & see what you get.
    Do you think ms-13 should be portrayed by dems as “bicycle riders”?
    ms-13 are not only animal thugs who kill people, but they dismember them regularly.
    Trump has tried to build the wall for us, but liberals fight him all the way.

There’s more, but I’m tired. Just go ahead & Impeach him. Go ahead.

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Time all the ■■■■ is done hitting the fan republicans will impeach him.

Never Trumpers and liberals need to start practicing saying and typing President Pence. looks as though they may get their wish of removing The Don.

Will be fun to see how they react to an exreme conservative in the white house, possibly with R’s still controlling both House and Senate. Carefull what NT and Lib’s wish for.

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151 days. That’s all I need.

Oops, I mean oh no! Not Pence!

Nope. You guys need to drag trump around till 2020. Or impeach him yourself. I’ll just be laughing!

  1. The economy is great despite fat donald.
  2. Tax cuts for the rich and we get $30 a week more. Yay!
  3. NK still has nukes.
  4. Mitary spending is on an all time high.
  5. Fat donald loves himself only.
  6. Where the hell is that wall that Mexico was supposed to pay for? Where is it?!
  7. He’s a Russia loving traitor who should quit ASAP.

Party before country, Lucy?

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Duly elected.

Trump has only to be re-elected, we will get rid of that ‘problems’ '21 and '22, when Merkel and Macron will be voted out…
I think China is a much bigger threat than USSR ever was during the cold war

By Republicans.

Many people I know across the political spectrum would settle for competence and decorum over chaos and criminality.

Pence is fine by me.

You’d let an unindicted co-conspirator stay in office to win an election, Lucy?

The shifts in attitude, even just this week alone, have been interesting.

From “Donald didn’t do anything” to “Donald won’t get impeached” to “Fine do it and say hello to President Pence.”

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He is not my problem, ol Bill, he’s your problem.

If the first year and a half of policy continues, I’ll sure as hell take him over anything the Liberals will put up to go back to destroying the country.

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He’s not my problem, I care more about the county tax collector. I just really don’t want Pence to be President.

I like just typing 46…

Why not? Serious question.