Immigration or Colonization?

You have to give up all other citizenship’s when you become an American citizen its part of the Oath.

It is however an invasion.

Us? Or did you mean US?

You need to come down here.

No you don’t.

Oh, no! Are they gonna try to take our white women, too?!

Super thanks for the welcome Mx. Joe. Mighty welcome after the other kind of welcome from the Macedonian Space Force troops of Soros darkness. Heh heh. I don’t address those paid rookies.

I was blown away by the caller to Rush. We are being colonized. And I don’t much like it.

About me and Trumpus KAG. I got mad at Trump shortly after 'lection night 2008 when he praised Obama. I’d change the channel whenever he’d be on Fox. The first time that I listened to him was when he descended the golden stair.

At the time I was on Red State which even then was in a red state if you take my meaning. I prophesied to that crowd that Trump could go ALL the way. Took me about 3 months to get fully on the Trump train and I never got back off.

My pops along with several members of my family have/had(for those who have died) dual citizenship.

Yawn. The caller hardly knows what colonization is.

Soros!!! (Insert kahn meme here)

It’s Mexican imperialism… and lefty loves it.

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I say colonization. Another calls it invasion. You introduce imperialism. Very good. UPVOTE!

I hadn’t thought of English speaking countries actually, point taken.

How is it Imperialism?


There are some countries that allow for an emigre to give up his citizenship, and others who don’t.

There are Americans who retain dual citizenship, and I can’t see why that should be a problem.

:rofl: Never mind that there has been less emigration from Mexico in recent years, and that some are repatriating to Mexico, the Mexicans are taking over!:rofl:

Not entirely true…

They will not replace.

Trump Hannity Rush they get it and many posters here too.
This is an English speaking white nation.

Better check again Mx. jay. Walk outside the door and look around. That’s the point.

I am sure fine conservatives like you me Trump Hannity and Rush will make America a great English speaking white nation.