Immigration or Colonization?

A caller on Rush the other day brought up a notion that while simple is quite profound. Immigration or colonization?

In history, as you know, people have come to America with the intent of becoming Americans. This is immigration, illegal or otherwise.

For the last several years however, people have come to America with the express purpose of retaining their citizenship in the old country. This would be called colonization.

What makes this even more fascination to me is that as we know Obama has this thing about colonialism. Doesn’t mean much to us but it meant a LOT to His Infernal Highness.

In keeping with the projection problem ALL dems have, it is not surprising that Obama and his minions believe that while American colonialism which never happened is bad…South American colonization which is happening right now this minute is good.

So. Is it immigration or colonization? What do you think?

Immigration. Someone should advise the caller on Rush that the cultural ideas of melting pot and salad bowl are not new.

That was actually a rhetorical question Mx. Clear.

Citation needed.

Yes, If they were showing up with Tee shirt’s with Thomas Jefferson on them and not Che’, I’d be a lot more impressed.

Invasion with intent to colonize.


Do you have specific examples of people coming here for the express purpose of retaining citizenship in the old country?

That’s fine but I disagree with your rhetoric

I think there is a third option, and that is invasion.

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no, it was invasion with genocidal intent… manifest destiny and all

I thought Trump’s chosen metaphor was “infestation.”

Why do people invade?

First generation immigrants don’t really assimilate in high numbers, it’s always been that way. Their children do however.

This is an invasion! All that people coming from poorer regions dont have the ability to colonize us. Colonialization requires leadership skills and means to be able to control the region you take.

You see a lot of migrants coming over with Che Guevara shirts?


Another skull full of mush calls in to the Rush program to Express his/her xenophobic fears that all these south of the border illegal aliens are somehow in cahoots in enacting a secret plan for the “colonization” of white America and you ask me what I think?

Oh wait. I think I just told you what I think of your postulation.


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It depends. When my father came here from Jamaica he didn’t have to learn the language because English is the official language in JA. From a cultural perspective wasn’t that much of an adjustment. After many years in the states he got dual citizenship. That was the case for most of that side of the family.
By Jamaican standards I’m Americanized since I was born a foreign.

Incorrect. That is MrOT’s term for democrats.

I’m not surprised a Rush caller would be talking out of their own ass. The influx of illegal immigrants from South America into the United States is nothing like the colonization of America by Europeans or the colonialism that dominated the Third World in the nineteenth century. There is no force, there is no coordinated displacement of populations, and there is no attempt to establish rule over America.

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