IMMIGRATION INSANITY: New York AG Candidate Vows to ‘PROSECUTE’ ICE for ‘Abuse’ | Sean Hannity

New York Attorney General candidate Zephyr Teachout vowed to “prosecute” the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency this week; adding she would abolish the “criminal” department should she be elected.

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I was unaware that a state AG can prosecute a federal agency? That is new. Also, how can she say they are criminal, when they are UPHOLDING law, not going against it, much like most of New York in their bid to become a sanctuary state. Weird. And I am not a lawyer. Sure hope people in New York see her for what she is, or they will be lamenting their choices at the ballot box for years to come (if they vote at all). Glad I am NOT ever going to live in New York state, anywhere.