IMMIGRATION INSANITY: Illegal Immigrant, 17, Pleads Guilty to QUADRUPLE MURDER in NY | Sean Hannity

An MS-13 gang member living in the United States illegally pleaded guilty to a quadruple murder in New York this week; admitting he carried out the vicious killings of four young men on Long Island last April.

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The poor baby was separated from his momma at the border. We need to get Elizabeth Warren to come to his defense.

Dem who defend these gang members should be lock-up.what a disgrace.And yet they continue to defend these killers.LISTEN HERE FOKES to destroy a nation you got to come in and destroy it from within .Not from the outside you must be inside to attack from within a country.And who are they attacking not the old adults but the young.Remove the young and a country is done.The old will be too weak to defend themself.easy to control , the young to strong.Wake up America,your under attack from within.

The solution is simple, if you’re illegal and a gang member that should be enough to deport you. These people that come here only to disrupt and break our laws should be shown no mercy. It’s time for our politicians to act like Americans and think about the good of the country or they should be removed from office.