Immigration - Are we changing our minds?

A controversial sanctuary policy barring Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents from accessing Montgomery County jails in Maryland has been partially rolled back following the arrests of several illegal aliens all charged with rape or sexual abuse in a new bid that will force cooperation between county law enforcement and federal immigration authorities.

I expect we’ll see more of this as the chickens come home to roost. Was Trump right about rapists and murderers?


I think they should be forced to live with their consequences but that my two cents.

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I expect the sanctuary city/county/state movement will last little past election day.

And in Tucson Arizona —

Back when I lived in AZ, Tucson wasn’t as liberal as Phoenix but still . . .

Partial results for Proposition 205, also known as The Tucson Families Free and Together Initiative, showed 58,820 voters, or 71.4%, voted “no” on the proposal compared to just 23,562, or 29%, who voted “yes.”

City officials estimated that more than 87,000 votes were counted in the overall election, and another couple thousand had not been counted, as of 8 p.m. Tuesday.

That is a smack down. But of corse the winey liberal folk behind it tried to put a good spin on losing bit (your know , not even a third of voters wanted it).

In a statement, People’s Defense Initiative, the group behind the proposal, said despite the results, “thousands of Tucsonans made clear their desire for new policies that protect the most vulnerable in our community.”


No lib comments?

Took me a few minutes to research non Fox news sources to see how Fox was spinning this versus the reality…

Effective immediately, Montgomery County correctional officers have been instructed to grant ICE clearance to “identified areas” of the jail to “ensure that transfers are conducted in a safe environment,” a Montgomery County spokesman confirmed to ABC7 Friday evening.

That level of cooperation, however, mandates that ICE submit an immigration detainer and arrive at the jail along Seven Locks Road in Rockville prior to the defendant’s scheduled release time.
The inmate discharge process can take less than an hour. In other instances, it can take nearly half a day. That wide range in time is based on numerous factors including jail staffing, inmate population, and home address verification checks.

Should ICE fail to submit the proper detainer paperwork — or simply get caught in traffic on Interstate 95 — Montgomery County will continue to free undocumented immigrants via the jail lobby, regardless of the charge/s they stand accused of.

So, basically, they can arrest them in the jail if they show up with a detainer and at the exact time the prisoner is being released… Didn’t see that in the Fox News article… Is Fox News fake news?

One county in Maryland amends an executive order and suddenly Trump worshipers imply Trump is vindicated and was right all along? Fascinating.

Several cases of rape and sexual abuse. In one county in Maryland. Long way from the border.

Okay. And?

They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists.

Was he wrong?

“Okay” if you’re not the victim I guess.

Yes he was.

This is exactly what happened and yes Fox News is trying to spin this in favor of Trump. I live in a county that borders MoCo, so heard about this since it is a local story.

To all the Fox News followers, instead of relying on them when it come to local issues how about actually checking the local news outlets first.

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Yes I propose a sponsor and illegal migrant law. I have no children yet pretty much every bill I get from huge ones like property tax down all the way down to the water bill a big portion of it goes to school taxes.

All the people who want the illegal migrants to stay should be forced to sponsor (Financially Support) one of them until they obtain their citizenship. This is the exact law already place right now if someone was to sponsor a family member to come to the U.S. from another country they have to sign a contract with the government that they are 100% financial responsible for the migrant until they get they either obtain citizenship or work for 10 years so the burden doesn’t go to taxpayers.

I notice the trend the left love to be compassionate and giving as long as its someone else’s money. Put their money were the mouth is and vote for the “Sponsor the Illegal Migrant Act”.


Since we pay taxes its our money.

Not all of it.

Some of it’s mine and I don’t want to support illegal immigrants.


From your own pile.

Not everyone’s pile.


And I don’t want to support the President’s golf outings.

Can I have that part of my tax money back please?

How do you propose we accomplish this? What if I don’t want to pay for the military? or farm subsidies?

Put it on the D party platform and see where it goes.