I'm thinking of ending things

Has anyone watched this movie on Netflix yet ?

It completely tripped me out last night - I may have been partaking in some cannabis prior to :wink:

I’d recommend it except seems like a lot of user reviews are really negative. If anyone else has watched it , I’d like to know your thoughts.

Haven’t watched it but nice clickbait title there.


I suppose. Will you watch it ?

Interesting! Meth Damon is great, and Charlie Kaufman is not boring.


Yes !!! He was perfect in BB even though not very convincing in El Camino cause he looked so different, lol

Also, one of the seasons of Fargo.

Anyone who sees it, please come back and post in here; so much material for discussion.

I just looked up Fargo on Rotten Tomatoes. Not that they are all that great imo, but the scores were through the roof. Guess I’ll have to check it out.

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Yes agree - and in Game Night, he steals the show as a police officer.

I’ve not seen Fargo - have been meaning to do so.

You better mean the show. Because if it’s the movie

Get out

Sir, you have no cause to get snippy with me.

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Haven’t kept up with all the Fargo variations.

I did see the movie and the first Made for TV series with Billy Bob Thornton

It’s the same tv series as the one Billy Bob was in, they have a different cast every season. Jesse Plemons was in the latest one which was set in 1970s, I believe.

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My sentiments exactly. I thought he was done with the forum or potentially really depressed.:thinking:

If I saw this I don’t remember I will try it right now.

I don’t why, but this typo absolutely delights me.

It was on my list, I’ll get to it soon.

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That’s not a typo, lol. He kinda looks like Matt Damon and he was on a show about meth, ergo this clever construct.

Oh and then he gained a lot of weight when he was on Fargo, so people started calling him Fat Damon :smirk:


Who are we talking about, then?

Jesse Plemons


I see what you mean.