I'm so tired of being disabled in America

Why doesn’t disability get more attention? Mental illness? I understand there are some mental illnesses that kind of deserve their stigma (narcissism, socio-/psychopathy), but the majority of us just want some empathy and to get some help, and mostly, for you to leave us alone.

Race has gotten so much attention in the media, maybe too much. What about neurodivergents?

There’s still so much stigma around mental illness and seeking help for it, that the problem of growing up/being in adverse environments > mental illness seems to perpetuate itself. People still treat those with mental illness badly, and people ignore the issue. Everyone matters.

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People often forget that those in psychiatric hospitals during the '40s and '50s (when Psychology was still in its infancy) were treated horribly. From lobotomies to insulin shock “therapy,” to unethical experiments (like the Stanford Jail experiment, or Little Albert experiment), it was pure horror. Why doesn’t this receive any attention?

Perhaps because race is more popular to use as bait by the Dems to divide people. ■■■■ George Soros and his manipulation of the stock market and his funding of Anti-Fa. Seriously, ■■■■ that guy.

Here is one documentary that showcases this:

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Here is one that is as recent as 2015 or later. One that I have personal experience with:

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“What about…” suggests competing interests and a zero-sum calcution, where some have to go without so others can have (admitedly minor victories).

Perhaps any effort to address disequity can benefit everyone who has been excluded?

Then why is #AllLivesMatter an issue in the BLM community? Look, I don’t want to fight but while I would agree, there have been several demographics that have gone neglected because of the hyperfocus on race and LGBTQ community in the media.

More evidance.

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Its such a forgotten group of people, Obama had a special office for it in his cabinet he seemed to want to make some sort of change.

help for people with disabilities is sadly one of the first thing cut in the budget.


Good thing Trump respects the disabled

Because “all lives matter” is, at best, a tone deaf white wash?

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I am so tired of being old in America.
Unfortunately I don’t like the cure either.

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you do know he was imitating the normal apoplectic behavior of a liberal, don’t you? Or have you bought into the narrative?


the BLM whiners will continue to show they are full of ■■■■ until they start protesting the black on black killing in the cities.

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Perhaps a more useful take away, here, is for white people to stop telling black people how to be better at being black?

Perhaps a more useful take away, here, is for black people to stop telling white people how to be better at being white?


Were you working there or a patient?
Obviously most of the patients/residents seen in these videos, are not ever going to be functional enough to be in society or “group homes”

No one in medicine or social services has a cure.

Generally the problems in these types of hospitals is unknown to most people. Few know these kinds of patients even exist. “Patient Confidentiality,” is a double edged sword. What these videos show is just the tip of the iceberg. Most of the state administrators are “liberal” cogs in the democrat wheel and are yes men for the government and unions.

Staffing cost is insurmountable. $125,000 per year , per patient is typical—and that is with NOT enough staffing. That’s why governments prefer community group home care—but dumping them out on the street spawns homelessness and liberal money scams dumping people into the hands of untrained caretakers.

These videos, are probably illegal, in the first place and some of the commentary and the articles are very misinformed and sadly make things worse with shallow grasp of the problem. That condescending, holier than thou, attitude in some of the video narration is sickening.

To your point, Yes, the leftist focus, never wants to talk about the people that really have no hope and really need help.

We can say nature is cruel to cause the births of these poor people, but it is not random accidents. Karma is very complex to say the least.

It takes special kinds of people to work in these environments and most of them are not evil and sadistic…although some of them are. The bleeding hearts, never figure it out.

The pharmaceuticals are there to dope the patients up, but they don’t work for long.

Reality is harsh, but never give up.

The whining left couldn’t care less about helping these most disabled they would rather spend money on financing domestic terror and lining their own pockets.

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Does that include Joe Biden?


We get it…that libs job what it means to be black.

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Dragging patients up and down stairs, to attend fake “school” or fake “therapy” for the sake of the “normalization,”. Group singing “music therapy” is better, but routine, "by the book, " patient schedules, arranged by well-meaning, but naive therapists and special ed teachers going through the motions and MD’s and RN’s have their hands tied. Short of inventing pleasure machines there is not much that can be done except make their environment as comfortable as possible.

Closing institutions to dump patients into the community was no victory.

We pretty well addressed that during the eighties and 90’s. See the Americans With Disability Act and similar legislation that has passed in each state.