I'm Sick of you one Pecenters!

Ya’ll should be ashamed of yourselves!!! Making a group of 1%!
You’re a bunch of ists!!! You ISTS!!! Speaking of ists, how many liberal Democrats are
in this group? I’m proud to be an ists, are you? lmao.

Been dipping into the cat nip again? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m not ganna lie. I think my cat eats pretty high grade food.
His food smells pretty good to me, and if I were starving I would eat it.
I’d share it with him. Thank you for asking though.

I was mainly aiming that at Democrats. So does that mean you’re a Democrat, because of how you responded?


Nobody has a real issue with the 1%. The real issue is with the Republican parties constant diatribe that somehow its the 1% who needs economic protection.

They are doing fine, and giving them MORE money hasn’t worked out for the other 99%. Facts and numbers both bear that out.

But you keep on with your defense of the one group in this country that DOESN’T need it.

What are you talking about? Thee far left wing Radical Democrats constantly preach to Americans about the so called one percent. Where have you been for the past 4+ years? lmao. hehee. you’re kidding me right? do you really not know?

If you were actually listening, they weren’t complaining about the people themselves…they were complaining about the supposed protections that the 15 supposedly needed.

Stop letting radio personalities tell you what you should be thinking and actually pay attention to whats being said, not someone elses interpretation of whats being said.


Still waiting on that edit function…

No. But too much cat nip might make you think so. :wink:

The delete function works. When you make a typo, you can delete and repost.

I didn’t see that the “5” was a “5” and not a “%” until it was posted.

That’s why I said to delete the post after you noticed the error and start over. You can even select and copy the post before you delete it so you don’t have to retype the whole thing. It’s cumbersome, but it works.

Ah, I see now what you were getting at.