I'm researching "fake news" via a survey, and I need conservative respondents! Any help would be appreciated

Hello all. For my grad thesis, I am conducting a study on fake news and its possible effect on the recent US midterm elections. Most of the respondents thus far have been liberal, though, which isn’t giving a balanced perspective on the topic and the reason why I’m posting here and asking for help with this study, especially if you’re a conservative or a Trump supporter.

The survey itself will take 20-25 minutes and has a couple of quizzes on your ability to spot fake news as well as questions on your media habits, political leanings, and demographics: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/LTLDNPY

I appreciate anyone’s help on this matter! (Please make sure to fill out every section.) Also, please let me know if you have trouble with the images on the survey because I have received reports that some of them aren’t loading. Thank you.

Also, for the mods, I hope I’m not violating any rules, I didn’t see anything that would disbar my post, but I understand if you decide to remove it.

I’m not ganna take a survey, but here is a point of view from a Conservative.

When children grow up without fathers a lot of them need someone or something to turn to.
With all of the Liberal strategies out there simply pick one. Sex, drugs. alcohol, gambling, addictions, music. Getting any girl you want, getting any guy you want. what’s popular or cool.

How about anything that is addicting changes a persons brain chemistry usually. In eccense Democrats are a drug. People are addicted. They can control their followers because they’ve intentionally made them addicted to them.

Why do you think that they say wisdom comes with age? Why do you think that the Liberals want to be able to make 16 the legal voting age? It’s simple, because Democrats intentionally go after groups that they think are weak minded, and easy to take advantage of.
They don’t respect women or minorities. They consider them weak minded, and that’s why they go after them.