I'm really loosing all faith in the media . .

So I get off work today (you know essential employee – esential service an all) . . . and I have the radio on.

Please note – if your sensative to irate rants – click out and go to another thread . . .

They are doing the Daily Utah Covid-19 task force press conference. Not to be confused with the Federal one. Hope your state has a task force and updates daily – it tells you what is being done.

Okay here’s where the rant starts.

So I obviously missed most of the press conference when the first question I hear starts with . . . “so if you could clarify for me …” Then a question about Unemployment bennefits.
Now I just tuned in. I hear the guy explain the Unemployment bennefts. Essentially in a nutshell – If you are a traditional employee and have been laid off, or significantly had hour redued – you apply for traditional bennefits – paid on the traditional scale plus 600 a week. If you are a contract worker, business owner or someone else who doesn’t contribute to the traditional unemployment – you would apply for the pandemic unemployment that is solely federally funder. You would get the Utah minimum unemployment of 213 a week plus the 600 a week.

Now sometimes I’m an idiot but I fully undestand that. Two program covering two different sents of people. It’s not that hard – it’s simple. From his tone when he started the answer “as I have said” . . . it wasn’t the first time he explained it.

Next question . .

“So to clarify” If you owned a work out gyme and you’ve been shut down – you can’t apply from any unemployment bennefits.

I look down at the radio and said you have got to be ■■■■■■■ kidding me . . . did you not listen? Do you not understand the english language. So the guy explains the two programs again and explains the business owner who had to close because of the pandemic has to apply for the federally funded pandemic unemployment.

Next question.

again starts with “to clarify – how will this pandemic unemployment affect the STATE budget, will the legislature have to cut programs to fund it?”

I’ll let you guess what I yelled at the radio . . .

So the guy explains again the pandemic unemployment is funded completely by the bill passed by congress. Waits for next question . . .

Once again starts with “can you clarify” . . . if your a school aid, and the school has shut down . . . through no fault of your own . . . that teach would apply for BOTH sets of unemployment if I understand you.

About this time . . I think anyone who looked at me must have thought I was a crazy person pointing and yelling at the dash and yelling.

So once again, he told THIS reporter that you can only be in one program or another . . . you can’t be in both. Teachers would be in the traditutional because school districts contribute to the unemployment trust fund. Only those who are not covered under the traditional fund can apply for the pandemic unemployment. Waits for the next question.

Wait for it guess what the next question started with . . . "can you clarify . . " This . . . umm I’ll let you fill in what I want to call this reporter . . . basically asked when the state passed this “new tax” to fund the traditional unemployment trust fund.

It was at that moment I decided I am never again going to admit that I was a news reporter. The one’s now do not have a single freaking brain cell, or know anything, and have to be spoon fed everything without any research or knowledge of how things work.

Okay rant over.

I’m going to go watch some kind of happy show on TV.

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More of these question-takers need to start swatting back at stupid questions.

“Yes, sometimes there ARE stupid questions, sir, and you just asked one. Does someone actually pay you to do this? … Next question.”


I do the same thing…I tell “they just answered that damn question”

yes this is a worthy rant

they are maddening - at least i guess for non idiots (i am serious).

they literally pepper what really happens with how they want people to hear it and take from it

i realized this as a teenager, and i was a political dolt. it was still obvious to me and used to mutter “■■■■■■■■■ to the certain “news” when id hear it.

shame you’re still not a reporter you would likely be one of the good ones

This. :arrow_down: Trump: “You don’t have the brains you were born with.”