I'm Ready To Compromise

I’m beginning to realize something.

We have entered a guilded age. One where we can trust the government to always do the right thing.

Lots of countries have given up private ownership of firearms recently, and not one of them has turned into a dictatorship.

It’s gotten me to thinking…if we can trust the government to never turn into a dictatorship, we can also trust the government in other areas as well.

It’s on this note I offer this compromise.

I’ll surrender the 2nd amendment, if and only if you liberals will surrender the 4th amendment.

Surely we can trust the government to respect our privacy, since government has now become our friend.

Shall we give it a try?

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No need for ag tariffs, floyd can keep the farmers rolling in profits with the endless supply of straw he needs for this OP.


You really think I’ve lost my mind, eh?

Oh, you wouldn’t need to worry about the surrendering of rights if the 2nd A is repealed. It would be a given the others would fall over time using the exact same tactics being used to gin up support for the repeal of the 2nd A.

Let’s keep both- I’ve grown attached to the constitution.

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lol - That is you thinking? Really? :rofl:

I like both!

Obey the 4th amendment first. Start at the top with an attorney general who loves civil forfeiture a little less.

You, as an individual, don’t have any say. If enough people decide to vote for candidates who support restricting gun rights - we will get more restrictions. Ditto for repealing it in its entirety.

It will also never be done as a tit for tat, either. That suggestion is pure silliness.

Atta girl! Go get 'em!

Trump already suggested that - “take the guns first, then worry about due process later…”