I'm jumping in with both feet . . . . wish me luck . .

Some times you can mearly dip your foot into the waters of technology to try it first (like my first LED light bulbs I bought to try were nearly $30 each . . . now you can get a 4 pack of them for 15).

Sometimes you just have to get into an alcohol induced state and push the buy button.

I’m joining the Electric Personal Assistive Mobility Device crowd.

Essentially it’s any “thing” that will move you under it’s own batter power. I did some research after seeing the coolest one at Burning Man Utah (oooh now I’ve done it, my fellow conservatives will want to revoke my credentials for attending that :smiley: :smiley:).

But the one I saw there was outragously expensive. So couple weeks ago I was describing it to someone and I went back to the web page and found they introduced a smaller, less powerful, shorter range and most importantly less expensive model.

After a loot of Google and youtube I came to the conclusion after watching one video blog. Hell if this 73 year old retired guy can get to the point he’s doing 6 miles a day for FUN . . . this 51 year old can get to the point he’s about to do 1.5 miles to work and 1 mile home at the end of the day.

About a 30 day wait for build and shipping (they understimated the damand of this small/less powerful design) . . .

But here’s a video of someone in Chigaco who commutes to work and back on the more powerfull, longer range model.

Now let me say this plain and simple. I will NEVER, EVER, EVER . . . let me re-state that NEVER EVER get to the point of this guy’s riding ability.

Video is of a guy in Chicago who useses a Onewheel XR to get to work and back daily in Chicago (well not for the next six months because he had a catostrphic crash that requires surgery and a six month healing period).

On a side note, I do not condone the way he rides (going through red lights, lane splitting cars, going faster than traffic around him), in fact in my opinion, this kind of riding is what brings new laws into effect to try and stop poeople for doing that crazy ■■■■■

Good luck, Snow.

My dad is going to need a scooter soon - I’ll be interested to learn how it works for you.

I got that part. Not sure about any of the rest of it. :stuck_out_tongue:

my dude…with those distances a bike is a no brainer…and its good for your health too…lol

Body just won’d do a bike anymore. Not even a stationary at home.

health issues i guess, sorry to hear.
link us to your new toy, we don’t know the brand/model you are talking about!

I’ve ordered the new “pint”

Pint is advertised at 6 to 8 miles top speed 16 mph.
Bigger brother xr advertised at 12 to 18 miles top speed 19 mph.

Some of the range tests I’ve seen on Youtube on the Pint it’s getting 10 to 12 miles. I’m a bid boy (aka hey fatso) so I’m expecting 6 to 7 miles on the battery.

So that looks like it takes a certain athleticism/nimbleness to operate?

That was a cool video. Thanks for sharing.

I don’t think that rider has much time left on this earth the way he rides through traffic.

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It might. The body will have to do a lot of stuff symultaniously. Balance (but you do that just stanind, you don’t realize it but you do), and leaning forward or backward to turn, leaning toward the front to increase speak, or the back to slow down.

But I look at it like riding my motorcycle. I have to balance on two wheels (skinnier I bet than the one on this board), right hand throttle and front break. Left hand clutch. Left foot shifter, right foot rear break. Many times when you ride it’s multible things at once.

The biggest challenge will be the balance I think. Once you get that down . . . shouldn’t be too difficult. Just like anything. Start out slow and easy, get to know the equipment then work your way up. There’s video of people never having been on a snowboard, surfboard or skate board who are given lessons and are riding the thing in less than a day.


An electric skateboard has been one of the items I’d love to get, but it’s more of a wishlist item than something I’m willing to invest that amount of money into. Apparently building a new computer for myself is a higher priority, and I’m thinking an extra mini-fridge to have space for projects (cheese/kombucha/aged meets) will come before an electric skateboard.

However, I just found one on Amazon for 350. I might have to pay attention, because I would love the idea of reducing my driving for short distances.

Snow I think because of your size the bigger model would be better. One Wheels are a blast.

My wife and I bought a pair of self-balancing scooters, or “hoverboards” as some call them, several years back. They still work fine. I want one of the skateboard models for nostalgic purposes. They look like a lot of fun, and it’s probably easier to slow down more quickly than the two-wheel models.

The ones with two wheels give a great workout to the hip stabilizers. The single-wheel model probably does more.

Don’t use your body to balance yourself. It’s all in the hips.

Looks like a a lot of fun, but will take a solid amount of core and length strength (which is a good thing!) to do for any length of time, and purposefully. Been on every “board” there is. Hope you have fun with it and reap the benefits!

Wow, that looks fun! Enjoy and give us some feedback later :smiley:

Not gonna lie- from your description, I thought you were buying something like a Hoveround or Jazzy. This looks like a lot more fun.

Looks like a broken hip and a possible concussion to me. :confused:

That’s what they all said when I started riding a motorcycle.

That’s why skateboarding is the one is don’t do anymore. Pavement sucks.

ELECTRIC bike. They are all over the place where I live, very popular.