I'm almost ready to depart this forum forever

I have left before for long periods. I have already cut way back to maybe once or twice a week. Lately about half of my threads are being wiped out. My posting style has not changed in the ten years or so I have been posting here. But now my threads are being killed. This did not happen in the past.

I am sooo sick of my threads being locked or combined with some old dead or dying thread that nobody reads anymore. About half of my threads are wiped out. Good God this forum is really starting to suck. Bigly. The last thread I posted was hot. Getting heavy activity. Until it got locked. Basically killed off. Just because you can lock a thread does not mean you should. If the mods are trying to drive me away, it’s working. If the mods value free speech, the will allow suggestions to improve this forum to stand. If they do not, they will give me the Twitter treatment.

You want to post about election fraud, go right ahead. In the election fraud thread.

That thread is almost dead. I want my thread to get a little activity. And it was on fire before it was terminated.

My thread was not to debate fraud. My post was to detail why people won’t trust elections again. Somethings deserve their own topic. This is one. As I said, my posting style hasn’t changed in ten years. The forum has. Killing off hot threads makes no sense. If you think this forum is more interesting without me. It’s your call. See you later. Maybe. Certainly not today.

The subject has been addressed ad nauseam. Anything to do with election fraud can be discussed in the 2020 election fraud thread.

If people go to jail, Trump declares martial law, or congress objects to the electors in January, then we can pick up that story in a new thread. Nothing new is coming of this otherwise, so please quit flooding the forum, and posit your “revelations” about what might happen in the 2020 election fraud thread.


I asked nicely.