"I'm a very stable genius"-Trump at Tour De Force Brussels Press Conference

That’s a lot of words to say “I have no clue what I or Trump are talking about but I will defend him to the death or at least the death of my current online persona”.


Has been since the 2016 election. He took a brief break on the old forums but is back in business here.

Indeed Mr born again, the liberals are still sore losers from a Trump win.

He’s got a lotta people fooled…Guys like him are a dime a dozen here in NYC.

Attitude and accent - that got me plenty of women back in the day when I used to travel the country for work. Now Kim Jung Dummy is gonna do to this country what I was doin to all those women. ; )


Never posted as “Norm” or as a “Liberal” and the only trolls on this thread revealed themselves by repeating that lie and alleging poe account.

The video speaks for itself. It was a tour de force Obama never could have pulled off. Mr. corpsemen or 57 states couldn’t reply to anything that didn’t spring from sycophant reporter love.

The phrase “stable genius” will outlive both of us. It’s golden.

Trump tweaks the deranged on purpose, that statement confirms it.

I think you were gone for awhile in the old place. Libs started to say that I was you. They can’t stand to face an honest man.

Not autism. Clarity of thought without verbosity. Its refreshing.

I didn’t know that. Ha ha. And I bet they wouldn’t believe your denials.

Likely they post under multiple “personas” so think everyone else guilty of doing it to.

That’s what I wonder. Have they ever met a New Yorker? He’s not even that great at the whole blue collar Noo Yawk tough guy thing.

Facts!!! He quoted different facts for the same topic. Listen to it again.

I also want to know how a genius like him can talk about Africa being on a strong list. I listened to his press conference today and I am not sure he even realizes Africa is not a country.

What about his repeated lie that Reagan lost Wisconsin?

10 char

The coffee I am drinking now is better than normal.

Maybe a stable genius prepared it.

If you need to call yourself a genius odd are your not a genius.

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Yup, people here been laughing at him for YEARS.

Fake “tough guy” who ripped off contractors.

Trump did fine over there. The ones who are going hysterical are the ones who do it all the time. They were prepared beforehand.

However, I take exception to his pointing out that Obama was President when the Crimea was returned to Russia, as it had been before 1954. There is nothing any American President could have done to stop that from happening, unless they were willing to go nuclear over keeping the majority there in a country to which they didn’t want to belong anyway.

OP is an obvious troll account.