"I'm a very stable genius"-Trump at Tour De Force Brussels Press Conference

Frame 9:43 Reporter: “Will you be tweeting differently on Air Force One?”

Trump: “No, That’s other people who do that. I’m a very stable genius?”

Trump responded to the deranged who claim he is hurting NATO in collusion with Putin saying:

Frame 5:36 Reporter: “What would you say to your critics that say by creating this scene at NATO you are only enabling President Putin in Russia to further disturb things in Ukraine and Georgia?”

Trump: “Well, if you consider putting up tremendously ah additional funds at a level nobody has ever seen before. I don’t think that is helping Russia. I think that NATO is much stronger now than it was two days ago…”

It was a tour de force. Trump was in full command of the facts on dozens of subjects.

I realize NeverTrumpers and other Deranged people will look at this video and see what they look for, but its very evident he really is a genius.

Everything he touches turns to gold. Everyone against him scream its the end of the world as we know it, and then poof! What Trump wanted done, is accomplished.

And he’s off to fix another problem politicians haven’t fixed in decades of bloviating.

Every day I gain more confidence in Trump. He just keeps winning while the haters scream like the deranged idiots they are.

Youre trolling right?

Yes he is, don’t feed the troll.

Wish I could edit out the question mark. Trump affirmed this without hesitation:

I"m a very stable genius."

Damn no edit button.

That press conference proved everything his detractors allege about Trump, is wrong.

It was a tour de force. Full command of every subject, world wide. It was incredible.

Any honest observer saw a genius at work.

He keeps winning. Keeps evading all the traps the left lays before his feet, and THEY keep walking into their own traps.

Its incredible. I am confident China and Russia saw this, and realized Trump is a competitor.

The real deal.

Good Lord, I saw the whole PC and you think he is a genius after watching that?..

Dude is a insecure narcissist who tweets like a 13 year old girl. He sounds dumb.

Jesus, you’re a Poe account.

You prove Scot Adams “Cognitive Dissonance” same movie different realities, correct.

You should check out his blog, and buy his book Win Bigly.

It will open your eyes to something incredible.

It did for me.

A troll account and we keep feeding it.

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No doubt you paused before a full length mirror as you scurried over to post…

remembering only what you stopped to admire in the mirror

It just maddens the left even more…Trump’s choice of words, he has the best words:

“I’m a very stable genius”

Look at the response Trump caused. Its hilarious.

At 7:10 Trump is asked if he believe he can pull out of NATO without congressional approval and he says he believes he probably can…

Do you believe a president can withdraw from a treaty without congressional approval?

Guys, stop feeding the troll.

Hell of a lot of work isn’t it?

With all due respect to any of our posters here who may be, or have family who may be, I cannot help but think Trump is floating somewhere on the Autism spectrum. His demeanor and his thought patterns just seem to suggest it. Of course he’s also a malignant narcissist. But just he complete lack of ability to speak in coherent thoughts and sentences really makes me believe that he has some cognitive issues.

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No. But Trump didn’t answer he could, he said “I think” meaning, he is not giving a definite answer.

Accordingly to some here that’s part of Donald’s eleventy dimensional genius - he plays the fool to lure his opponents into a false sense of security, and then WHAM! Trumpian genius slap you right upside the head!

He said “I think” because he has no ■■■■■■■ clue. Though usually that doesn’t stop him from just spurting out BS.

Its incoherent to you because your “road map” is different, word associations that imply premises aren’t recognized by you.

So you don’t see the logical connections.

The Gospels are like that. Jesus teaches on a high “rabbinic” level, symbols imply premises that must be inferred or the reader misses completely what is said. For example, when proving the resurrection of the body to the Sadducees who couldn’t see it taught in the Law of Moses, Jesus cites “I am the God…” to prove it.

Some commentators object saying Christ only “proved life after death”

26 And as touching the dead, that they rise: have ye not read in the book of Moses, how in the bush God spake unto him, saying, I am the God of Abraham, and the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob?
27 He is not the God of the dead, but the God of the living: ye therefore do greatly err.
28 And one of the scribes came, and having heard them reasoning together, and perceiving that he had answered them well, (Mk. 12:26-28 KJV)

However, the “scribe” (scholar familiar with Rabbinic argumentation) “perceived Christ answered them well” proving the physical resurrection of the body, not just life after death.

The Jewish audience inferred the missing premises modern scholars don’t have in their “mental road map”. To them there is a logical disconnect.

But to Rabbinic scholars, the very presence of Abraham Isaac and Jacob before God reminds God of His solemn promise to these men they would serve Him physically forever. Therefore, God must raised them up. He has no other choice, and that proves the physical resurrection.

Sorry but he screwed up.