Illnesses- especially mental illnesses- Where Do They Come From?

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I’ve been pondering this all morning, as was worried about how this would come off and how people would take it. But I was wondering what your thoughts are on where, exactly, mental illness came from. More specifically, I am regarding to the context of spiritual warfare. Is there a gray area between demonization and those who hurt others due to mental illness? I’m truly not trying to condemn these people, I feel for them, but I have to wonder. Does the devil even have a role in mental illness, or is it due to the fruit of human error?

This question has been asked for thousands of years. I don’t think it will ever be answered to everyone’s satisfaction. Some things will remain a mystery.

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Very simple. We’re imperfect beings. Just like we have back pain, sometimes we have a mental issue. My personal belief is it isn’t God doing something or not doing something, it’s just a faulty circuit in the brain.


Mental illness is a physical illness. Has nothing to do with mythical objects of worship anymore than another physical illness

It does if it involves brain structure. There are some illnesses that are caused between trauma and are more of a physiological effect. Anxiety, for instance. How does non-invasive trauma cause the brain to shift in structure?

The brain reacts and builds neural pathways from all our sensory experiences. From hearing what other’s say, or seeing what they do, to feeling a burn or a freeze. Many of these pathways are genetic at birth and many are built around a sort of “algorithm” in our genetics.

The neurological structures themselves are physical and how our brain’s operate. When they fail to properly form connections or regulate emotion, it is an illness.

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Good answer. But there are still many questions regarding this that go unanswered. For instance, one might now ask, “Why are genetics the way they are, in that they can cause the effects of trauma to be inherited?” Epigenetics might explain this, but for the most part, genetics are recombined during meiosis.

Some mental illnesses can develop over a long period of time in certain sociological or physical environments. Similar to how back problems can develop in people who sit on a computer all day. It isn’t an injury of “trauma” but more of an injury via repetitive inputs over a long period of time.

It’s why certain forms of therapy can help to slowly rebuild your thought processes and ways of thinking and working through things. Ex: CBT

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I’m not really sure. I guess you’d have to be specific with particular illnesses. The brain is a composition of many systems and their subsystems, all which regulate different emotions, cognition and perception. An extreme example would be down syndrom. While it’s not possible to get down syndrom because you hit your head, it does display the power of inherited genetics with respect to human reproduction

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I just realized I should have known this already, having done the research I’ve done and taken some basic Psychology courses. Now I look back and think, “Why did I make this thread?” When I should have been able to answer my own question :confused:

Well, I’m certainly no expert.

Even though I’m Right all the time.

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Since the devil is a mythical being, no. Genetic perhaps. Slight chemical imbalance perhaps. Severe trauma mental or physical perhaps.

Some guy with horns and a pitchfork, no.

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Since Satan doesn’t have horns or a pitchfork, you are correct.

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Correct. Because Satan doesn’t exist at all.


That’s what he WANTS you to think…

The devil isn’t a he

Well there’s Lilith but the devil created her, just as God created Eve. I think. There’s only one passage in the Bible that refers to her and that is in Isiah.

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We’ll, if he was wearing a blue dress, you may be right.

Which passage is that?

Isiah 34:14