Illinois Sheriffs won’t enforce “assault” weapons ban

This is why people like James Hodgkinson feel emboldened to shoot conservatives like Scalise they feel they are doing it for the greater good! Gotta save democracy!

An interesting preface when discussing Ol Folksy Joe.
That self serving wanker has no ■■■■■■■ idea what he’s saying. He reads from a teleprompter words written by his handlers.

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Which is almost word for word what I said, why did you lie about that.

Yes and it is true. You think if a civil war started he wouldn’t use military force?

No it doesn’t. Did he use them after Jan 6th?

I believe that statement was straight from the heart though! Biden has a serious Napoleon complex!

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No AR-15s were fired at 1-6 for starters, but James Hodgkinson had one though! His actions were more of an insurrection than 1-6, actual congress people were shot and injured. And if you think 1-6 was an uprising then Antifa had 30 uprisings the previous year.

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You do realize how the term,( don’t bring a knife to gun fight) became popular right?

And yet no F-15s were scrambled.

Because it was a liberal doing the shooting! Biden started his speech with my conservative friends. And Biden was not president when that happened! If it were a republican who did that it would be open season on conservatives

What he will make a determination of a liberal or conservative before scrambling F-15s? :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Then what? Drop a bomb? Strafe him? And kill a bunch of other people who were not involved?

I didn’t say he was. You are the one trying to relate him to your narrative.

Ohh it’s easy to know an Antifa uprising by their apparel. That’s exactly why Biden is a tool for even bringing up an F-15, thanks for proving my point.

The narrative is he will us F-15s when AR-15s are used!

So no AR-15s have been used in last 2 years?

But by your own admission he won’t be dropping them on leftist. So who cares if they know it is antifa. They would have to figure out who was on the right according to you.

He’s a dumbass.

This whole concept of “Constitutional sheriffs” is interesting. I’m not sure it’s grounded in the Constitution. I know it’s not grounded in law.

Do they swear an oath to uphold the constitution?

And it looks to be much more then just an AR ban.

from Illinois governor slams sheriffs who vowed to defy gun ban, says law protects school kids, churchgoers | Fox News

Pritzker signed the bill into law last Tuesday, prohibiting the manufacture and sale of semiautomatic rifles and pistols, .50-caliber guns, as well as attachments that can increase a gun’s fire rate.

No way that gets ruled constitutional by the current supreme court.


I would assume so.

There you go then.