Illinois manufacturer moving to Mexico over Trump tariffs

Here’s my favorite part…

“Fletcher told the newspapers that some of the employees will be given the option to relocate to El Paso, Texas, across the border from its Stack-On factory.”

So the US employees will go south across the border each day to work?


Getting paid Mexico wages? #MAGA!

Al Fletcher, human resources director for the manufacturer’s Las Vegas-based parent company, told the newspaper that the company decided to relocate the operations to Mexico after Trump announced tariffs on steel and aluminum, as well as other products, from China.

“The operation is really not profitable,” Fletcher said. “Mr. Trump is part of this.”

Too funny.

Feel sorry for those losing their jobs over Trump’s lack of understanding with regard to trade. Trump is a ■■■■■■■ moron, as Rex Tillerson noted.

I was kind of hoping it would be Liberty Safe. The irony would have been too much.


Many companies have a plant right over the border and the us employees cross each day for work.

I spent 4 years stationed at Fort Bliss in El Paso and owned rental property there until recently. A lot of Mexicans travel daily into El Paso from Juarez to work but I don’t remember the opposite being common, especially considering the violence in Juarez.

Does Mexico issue Green Cards?

Wonder if the Mexican Government will do “extreme vetting” on these potential cross border workers?

Their compact safes are made in Korea. Hail Liberty!

Guess he missed that whole tariff thing on goods from Mexico.

No ■■■■■


Hopefully they are not criminals, murderers, or rapists. Mexico needs to do extreme vetting.

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I’m genuinely curious how this is practical to do (traveling from El Paso to Juarez each day)? Don’t people get stuck at border crossings as they get backed up? I had to do this for US/Canada for a while and pretty much lost 2 hours each day just getting through border control.

A lot of the tarriffs exclude finished goods.

Yeah they would get backed up at the border. Guess its not that much different than people committing into DC from Northern Va every day though.

I don’t think a lot of people realize, and I’m sure it’s because many don’t run their own companies, how thin most of our margins are and how things like losing one client or an increase in wholesale prices can devastate profit-and-loss. I think a lot of people want to pretend it’s not that way or that every company is like Amazon but that’s not reality. Tons of companies are one bad decision or one wholesale price increase or one lost huge client away from having major money problems. Hell, Trump even tried to cheat painters out of a few grand. That’s the way business really works.

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Yeah for some of these items profits margins are in pennies per item, and sometimes even less (for example, think of the springs that are in your keyboard).

What’s the dems position on trade? Oh, the opposite of what ever Trump does… That’s as deep as they get.

Super stupid.

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There you go with your damned facts.

How can a president ruin a country if you expect him to wallow in facts.