Illegal Immigration

Why not send these illegal immigrants to the state/districts where these District Judges are protecting them. They want to save them, let them.

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Because that isn’t how the system works.

What makes you think there aren’t illegal aliens living in districts that these judges live in?

Which specific judges are you referring to with what specific protections?

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let’s make the system work that way.

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you are just making him do some busywork as a penalty for posting something you dont like. You know there are judges that are do that.

That’s a fun stupid cartoon.

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What’s not funny is the stupidity of liberals …

Sanc. cities, and cal’s law to protect criminals from ice made blue wave bye bye…

I notice Cal’s AG Xavier Becerra is not on TV anymore…and Brown sent the troops to the border…lol!

What judges are you referring to?

Last night on Principle (PBS) John Kasich made a plea to immigrants to come Ohio as they are losing population and would welcome an influx of immigrants and the innovations they would bring to replace their dying populous.

I am not “making” him do a damned thing, why the falsehood?

I asked politely for background information pertaining to what he stated.

That isn’t “making” him do anything, he can ignore me, there is nothing binding him to respond with what I asked for.

It is odd that you would classify my simple request as a penalty from me for his posting something I allegedly, according to you, don’t like.

That could not be any more off the mark had you tried.

I sincerely wish to know what he was referring to and there was no like or dislike involved.

Your assumption that I “know there are judges that do that” is just that, an assumption, not one born of any relevance nor supportive evidence.

27,500 more people left Ohio then moved in in 2016.

Maybe Kaisch should investigate what’s causing his citizens to leave.

After somewhat stemming the tide of people leaving Ohio for other states in the years since the recession, domestic migration out of the state is back up. About 27,500 more people left Ohio than moved in during the 2016 fiscal year.

Well, someone has to clean the judges home and pools.

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Lord knows the legal citizens in those districts sure as hell won’t do those jobs for the shamefully low wages the judges and friends are willing to pay.

gee sorry.
Then you should try reading the news.

Is there a difference between immigrants and illegal immigrants IYO?


Hasn’t Dear Leader Donny Trump flown to Ohio repeatedly to brag about what a wonderful job he has done for saving good jobs there and helping the workers of Ohio?

Why would there not be an influx of good Americans to that state?