“Illegal Immigration is wrong, plain and simple."


Your arrow is hitting the closed gate. You circled nothing…


0-o there is a giant hole where the gate close…2 of them actually


Oooo, can I play? First, let me get a lobotomy.

OK, good to go.

There’s no fence around Mar-A-Lagogo. Therefore, no fence needed on the border.


You circled the car park…the fence is behind it…


and what is right in front of the car park in between the sidewalk?



Someone who is of average height might split their inseam stepping over that.


That’s a hedge not a wall and it has very accessible entrances.


Build the border hedge now! Trump is cool!


This was all in connection with the Secure Fence Act, which provided for 654 mile of fence, which was fully completed in 2015. The current argument is that an additional “wall” is unnecessary.


India has a larger GDP than Denmark.
Denmark has a higher GDP per capita than India.

In which would you rather live?


no one


25,000,000,000 for the wall

Path to citizenship for DACA kids.

Sounds like a fair compromise.



Throw in an end to chain migration for extended families plus increased interior enforcement and you have a deal…at least with me.
And Trump was even willing to extend the amnesty beyond the DACA eligible.


You mean like the FLOTUS parents?

They immigrated to the United States on her dime.

No exceptions, right?



And became citizens on her dime too.

What possible use does the United States have for two old people (73 and 77) from Slovenia? (Well except for the obvious reason, family reunification)
The United States allows chain migration for that reason.

Is there any difference between the kvaves and some Mexican family members immigrating (and becoming citizens)?

The answer of course is no.



The term is “chain immigration.” Why isn’t trump talking about increased interior enforcement?




Great link. Lots of detailed, actionable items. Thanks.


The really good thing about eo,s is that they are undone by the next president.

Trumps eo, they too shall pass into the memory hole.