Illegal immigrant with record of felony drug conviction arrested over weekend

As the title says, a rapper who goes by the stage name of Savage was arrested in Atlanta over the weekend and referred over to immigration courts. The rapper had previously been convicted on felony drug charges in 2014.

Now, here’s the dilemma for those saying a wall will prevent illegal immigrants from bringing drug activity here. It seems that Savage is a citizen of the United Kingdom. Now, if my recollection of geography is correct, there is a small body of water known as the Atlantic Ocean between the US and the UK. This body of water stretches for miles. By boat, it takes weeks or longer to move between the 2 countries. Even by plane, it is going to be a long flight.

So, here is the problem as I see it. There is a large barrier, the Atlantic Ocean, that separates our two nations - much larger than any wall that we could build. This guy was not even from the same continent where the US lies. So, if this guy can get across the ocean and “invade” the US, with that large of a barrier, how exactly is a dinky little wall suppose to stop this from happening?

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I think that we should let him go to a Sanctuary City and continue to “Savagely”
sell his drugs.

Maybe the Democratic Politicians can apologize for ICE arresting him, and
make him a U.S. Citizen, and give him some money, so hey can sell more drugs?

That way, he can leave the Sanctuary Cities, and go anywhere in the United States of America to possibly kill children by selling his drugs. Go Dems!

So, no answer to the question?

You’re right OP…let’s build an ocean. Build the ocean…build the ocean…build the ocean. :sunglasses:

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It’s some what of a pointless question, because you’re going by something
that doesn’t happen that often. Could a Terrorists get into America with a wall built?

Could anyone find their way into America illegally somehow?

Anything is possible. Millions of Illegals are coming through our Southern Border.

What your talking about maybe what, like hundreds of Illegals come here each year, or a couple of thousand?

So let’s see here. Would I worry more about “Millions” of Illegals coming here through our Southern Border? Or hundreds to thousands?

What do you think the logical answer is? That’s what type of question your asking.

It addresses a problem of where a significant part of the problem lies - people coming here legally and overstaying their visas. This is where my idea of a much more comprehensive solution comes into play. My solution wouldn’t be to stick up a wall and then pretend the whole problem is solved. My solution would include things like the following:

  1. Active follow ups on those entering the country under a visa, to ensure they are complying with the terms of their visas (including exit dates)
  2. Strengthen E - verify laws to ensure that companies are actively verifying the legal status of those that are being hired.
  3. Toughen up penalties for companies not complying with laws as described in item # 2.
  4. Enact legislation for landlords to include requirements similar to those for companies in item # 2.
  5. Increase the number of courts where hearings can be held on those who are here illegally to speed up the process on that end.

Now, while this is by no means a comprehensive list, it shows the approach needs to be handled like the complex issue that it is. A solution like sticking up a wall in the middle of nowhere and then just pretending that solves the problem is way to simplistic of an approach to a problem like this.

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I agree but “we” have been waiting for what you’re speaking of for…how long now? Answer…decades.

Before you go bashing him because of that drug charge look what he has done

a total misstatement. Millions are?

Crossing are down. way down.

ask anyone.

care to restate your position.


Facts don’t apply here, only what the CEC says matters, so don’t expect an intelligent reply.

I always give a person a chance to change his statement when the facts do not support it.

Guess we’ve heard the last of that poster in this thread.

some people like opinions over facts.


That does bring up another interesting point. Despite the drug charge, he did do some good for community. Part of the narrative has been that illegal immigrants take from the community, but do not contribute to the community. This is an example that shows that some do contribute to the community.

(and, yes, I know I’ll likely be called a “lib” for acknowledging the obvious - lol)

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Oh do you think nothing is illegal in sanctuary cities?

The emergency at our border is that Trump is going to look stupid for making fake campaign promises that he can’t fulfill.

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Fun fact.

Mexico serves the US narcotic market while VENEZUELA serves the Euro market.

What wall proponents are saying is that this tool will HELP border security and reduce, not eliminate, traffic.

Cost is small, return is large.

Get busy building it and forget justifying illegal drug traffic.

If the wall won’t work, why do you care.? Consider it a work project, then…

As a fiscal conservative, I oppose all government waste - including “work projects” that don’t work.


Just on the topic of Savage 21s arrest, I really have no sympathy for him. He has earned more than enough money to have taken care of his immigration status at an earlier point. He only has himself to blame.

I spent about $3k on legal services to ensure I got my green card lawfully so I expect others to do the same.

However, I do know that its not feasible to deport milions of illegals so as long as they have not been involved in criminal activity (and yes I know coming here illegally is a crime but you know what I mean) then they should pay a fine and be allowed to remain with one proviso. That a pathway to citizenship is denied to them. This is a simple solution that ensures no political party can claim the other is benefitting. Plus there has to be some consequences for breaking the law.

How does this create a problem for the argument in favor of securing the southern border? Has anyone claimed it’s the only way illegals are getting into the country? No.

It is however our biggest vulnerability. Legal ports of entry can be controlled, 1,200 miles of unsecured border cannot.

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