‘ILLEGAL AND TREASONOUS’: President Trump SLAMS DOJ Officials McCabe, Rosenstein | Sean Hannity

President Trump unloaded on former Acting Director of the FBI Andrew McCabe and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein Monday morning; accusing the two of orchestrating an “illegal and treasonous” plot to remove him from office.

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When is Trump going to stop whining on Twitter and start releasing docs? When?

When is Barr going to step up and do his job?

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Give the President a break and give Barr a break. Barr was just confirmed hasn’t even warmed the chair he sits in. The President doesn’t whine - he gives us the low down and truth on what’s happening in that filthy swamp he’s trying to clean up. Rats don’t go down easy. Stop calling him a whiner.

Your frustration is understandable BUT…When the time is right. Trump has explained we the people MUST be protected before he can do that. There’s much more going on that the lame media won’t report. Several attempts to KILL him have been tried(think Kennedy) and promises of anarchy by the deep staters must be thwarted first! ( remember they wanted to enact the 25th?)
Give him credit where it’s due. It took many years and MANY administrations to make our gov as corrupt as it is.Understanding that, it will take time to undo it all without total government collapse.


Lady Tess, agree that President Trump needs to be given time to do his job without the underhanded Socialists trying to derail him at every turn.
If the Socialists would try to do something constructive for the citizens of this Country rather than spending ALL THEIR ENERGY trying to undermine the President, the Country would be far better off.
In all my years I have never seen a more deplorable group of Government employees whose only efforts are DESTRUCTIVE rather than Constructive…and they should be held accountable!!

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I totally agree with Abby, the democrats keep insinuating all sort of stuff and President Trump has the documents showing what’s what. Yet he isn’t releasing them. Makes you wonder why.

Trump absolutely is a whiner. He was going to fight for us but all he does is cry.

Agreed. I’m starting to think he’s not releasing the documents because they make him look guilty.

He will. Right now there is 8 high ranking Repub. DOJ FBI and CIA under investigation for SEDITION. Hes probably awaiting others? 13 death attempts and they include members of Congress too. Jeez