Illegal aliens over gold star young Americans

Wow i cannot believe this, NY Dems block bill expanding college tuition for Gold Star families after approving $27M in tuition aid for illegal immigrants. What us goin nf on in our country? The wheels are coming off the leadership.

Well, it’s different because they’re may not be as many minorities that would
be voting for the Dems in these “Gold Star” Families.

It’s all very confusing, because the Democrat Politicians are supposedly all about
free college tuition, so you would think that they would be for expanding
the college tuition???

But when they have to chose between something
that is Democratic, or even Further to the Radical left in this country, they
have to chose the subject closer to Socialism. So make them Chose Republicans
and Trump! Make them Chose!

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We already have a thread about this.

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New York state already pays full tuition, books, room and board for Gold Star Families in financial aid. How generous is your state in providing college financial aid to Gold Star Families?

New York state provides $5000 max to the immigrants.

We know this because we already had a thread on this.

Altair, you were very upset that the state of New York, while already paying tuition, dorms, books for it’s Gold Star Families, it wasn’t enough.

Maybe you could share what your state provides to it’s Gold Star Families in the way of state College financial aid.

No, I was not.

Back in the mid 80s I had a friend in highschool whose father was MIA in Vietnam. As long as he went to a public college in Virginia the state would pay the whole tab. Be it a community college or UVa. I can’t imagine that’s changed at all since then.

Well, you started a whole thread about it, I believe. Is your state as generous to it’s Gold Star Families as New York state is?

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