I'll give you the Seventeenth if you give me the Tenth

I’ll support repealing the Seventeenth Amendment if you support repealing the Tenth Amendment. I’ll trade you the Sixteenth, too, for good measure.



The 17th is not part of the Bill of Rights.

Sasse and the whole 17th Amendment thing was just rhetorical about the Senate as part of a broader set of remarks on reform of the Senate.

Nobody is seriously proposing repealing the 17th Amendment and everybody realizes that there is no chance in hell of successfully repealing the 17th Amendment.

I would not trade the 10th Amendment for anything.

I don’t know who Sasse is.

Why is that relevant?

Going to have to disagree on that one. Not sure what the point of repealing any amendment would be.


Senator Ben Sasse.

You need to elaborate, Sneaky. That doesn’t expound on any connection.

Im a dem and a liberal on this board (Only here. In real life Im a moderate Dem. On this board - There is Trump / to the right of Trump / and socialists).

I would love to repal the 17th.
Congress was suppose to repersent the people, senate was suppose to repersent the state.

Only change i would make is is for congress to truly repersent the people, we have to fix gerrmandering.

I like both the 10th and 17th Amendments and don’t want to see either of them repealed.