Ilhan Omar rips Obama


An Antisemitism Roll will kill the Democrat Party. There’s too much money at stake.
I think AOC will be the primary target. If they can kill the head the body will die. As I posted before, I think she’s vulnerable over the campaign slush fund charges that have surfaced. The big Dems will be working that angle IMO.


I like how she comes right out and speaks her mind.

May I ask if she made a specifically anti Jewish remark? All I seem to be finding is a lack of support for Israel.


She’s beautiful.

The much maligned headscarf does not obscure her face.


Looks like the ass clown has some valid points.

Persecution of Jews was not nonexistent in previous Centuries in Muslim majority countries.

However, Jews lived and worked under less threat than they did under Christendom.


She hates Israel n the Jewish people, good word game though,


:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: come on man.




Helluva post.


The reporter is the ass clown.

Please explain.


ALL religions get along with one another to a certain point, except Islam, they’re the only ones going around chopping people heads off, raping children(except the catholic priest)burning people alive, stoning, etc etc etc.
This is a FACT


Well, that’s not true at all.


Sure it is, prove me wrong


Really, name me a Christian or Hindu or Buddha group of people that’s like the Taliban or ISIS, you cant, because there’s NONE!


Where do you want to start? English Parliment’s persecution of Catholics in the late 17th perhaps?


Im talking about today, man you people need to stay on the same page and not try to twist stuff around so much, life might start making more sense.


Twisting? You mean like history, man?


To be fair Christianity would have been pretty difficult to live with pre 18th century if you were not Christian.

But yes today other than a few whackos out in Kansas it’s pretty tame compared to what’s going on in the Islamic world. Maybe will get lucky and Islam will have a reformation period.


im talking about today/our lifetime, not the past/100/s of years ago, re-read my post/s


re-read my post, I was speaking of today/our lifetime, not the past/100/s of years ago


Did you say “our lifetime”?

So there are no more problems with abortion?