Ilhan Omar rips Obama


Looks like I was proven right about my above statement.


She’s stepping on a lot of big toes. Jews are a huge source of Democrat funding. Schumer’s a Jew. Now she’s directly taking on Obama-the Democrat Golden Calf.
You can bet the powers that be want rid of her. She won’t last long. A couple more anti-Semantic rants will get her a full censure. The next step will be expulsion from Congress.


I don’t think so. I remember the first outburst from her. I was told by multiple liberals on here that Pelosi was putting her in her place, and she’s on thin ice, and next time it happens the repercussions will be severe. As evidenced, complete ■■■■■■■■■

Guarantee nothing will happen to her. I’ll make a wager on that.


We’ll have to disagree.
I’ll bet Pelosi, Schumer and the DNC are plotting her fate as we post.


Pelosi is in disarray.


You can bet the Dem Big Wigs also want rid of AOC. She’s not helping them a bit. She’s an embarrassment and she’s getting worse. I saw where she’s calling for our ending our relationship with Israel. She’s also starting a fund to defend her, Omar and Talib.
They’ll bring AOC down over money shenanigans.


AOC will bring them down.


If they don’t get rid of her she will.
She’s pushing their presidential candidates so far to the left they’ll fall of of the edge.



I get it now.

You guys are projecting your own cult-of-personality issues on the Dems.

You guys are working from the framework of a republican who defies Trump - they must be shunned.

But thats not really how it works outside of the current Republican party.


having to put up with the freedom caucus helped drive Boehner from being Speaker of the House and people act like AOC putting out a statement is too much for the Democrats to handle.


This is just beginning.


Ah yes, the other side of the coin has arrived.


She’s been getting her agenda through and her polls have risen.

Republicans have been too busy drooling over AOC and strengthening her while letting the more effective foe, Pelosi, go untouched.


What happens next?


Sure, sure. The 3 stooges are getting their agenda through.


A Democrat criticizes Obama. I seem to remember Ronald Reagan’s 11th Commandment. But you wouldn’t know if from some of the comments here. (Language alert.)


Those three are tough to bring down; super popular among young people, huge social media following. Dems likely won’t do anything.


Yeah they will. The Jewish donors Steyer, Bloomberg, Sussman, Simons and Soros donated over a billion dollars to Democrat mid term PACs and candidates last year. This is to mention just a few. Do you think the Democrat establishment is going to let these three run these people off?


They can try to nip it in the bud now or at let it in manifest. To be fair I am sure there are many Muslim moderates who were hoping they could get a congress person in to paint a better light on them instead they got Keith Ellison, Ilhan Omar, and Rashida Tlaib. Not to mention Linda Sarsour as a leader of the women’s movement.

Look to the Labour Party at what comes next, and “Antisemitism Roll”.


That’s the fault of her plastic surgeon. :wink: