Ilhan Omar rips Obama


yup, the 3 stooges have brought down the Democrat party, I wonder how many will be left after next elections, I predict a large takeover by the Republicans


Just as there’s a far / weird right.


Now THAT is classy steriotyping… Not.


What is that from?


the far right in congress are far right for the people n this country, these people are for themselves and other people not even from this country, and youre being used to help them fulfill their godless agendas


And it also goes to show you that no matter how much you may dislike and disagree with someone of the other party, there will always be something on which you agree.


You don’t know anything about me but I’ve seen enough of your posts to not engage.

I’ll waste my time elsewhere.


She’s probably pretty hot under that burka. :wink:


My post was under yours, not a reply to yours. I have no problem.


Don’t mine me, I’m just enjoying the circular firing squad the Democrats are forming right about now.

First Virginia over stuff that happened 3 and 4 decades ago, now one of the freshman congresscritters is opening her pie hole again. And this time attacking probably the most powerful and respected Democrat in the room.

Can’t wait for this circus to spill over into the 2020 campaign…should be entertaining.


You support Trump.

That’s all anybody needs to know.


Sorry … I didn’t notice the quote.


Judaism is a religion, not a race.

She’s a bigot, not a racist.


This one’s for you, Samm.

It happens. No harm, no foul.


you’re right, my bad, I think I read your post wrong anyways,lol


It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see she HATES Israel and Jews and she cant stand American values, esp white bible reading, gun carrying deplorables such as myself, feelings mutual Omar


Yup. There’s nothing you can do about her and there’s nothing she can do about you. Rejoice, its a draw.


you’re right there’s nothing I can do to her , so, i’ll just pray for her, but she can help undo our way of life being in congress and turn this into a schiffhole like the country she fled from.


I said before nothing will happen to her. She can be as anti Semitic as she wants - she’s not moving, and nobody will do anything about it.


Jew is not a race.