Ilhan Omar rips Obama


In 2014, the Anti-Defamation League did a survey in more than 100 countries of attitudes toward Jews and found that anti-Semitism was twice as common among Muslims than among Christians, and it’s far more prevalent in the Middle East than the Americas.

From the Post article. That is the single most stupid thing I have ever read in my entire life. That ass clown is is trying to claim this is some new phenomena? Are you kidding me?

I guess Obama enabled the hatred?


Duke may “like” her, but he absolutely adores his Donald who he can relate to more deeply.




He also adores Tulsi Gabbard. He repeatedly says so.
Both Trump and Gabbard have disavowed Duke’s endorsement.
Omar hasn’t. Maybe Duke has finally found his soulmate.


maybe. it certainly has motivated her to say many other things


They are throwing Obama under the bus to “prove” they aren’t racists.

“I have a black enemy too.”


I wonder what the voters in Minnesota were actually thinking when they decided Ilhan Omar was a good idea to represent them.


They don’t seem to like what she’s doing:


IT’S VOILA! :man_facepalming:


Dreams are things we need to awake from.


What does that mean?


Democrats need to get there ■■■■ together. If a Jewish member of the House made an inappropriate comment about a person of color, the leadership, the Black Caucus and the Progress Caucus would bring the hammer down on them. However, a Muslim member makes inappropriate comments about Jewish people and they all defend her or maybe a little slap on the wrist. Very BAD optics.


These 3 loose cannons in the Dems party are bringing it to ruin, Praise God!


Is your screen name the French word?


Her version of “hope & change” was a caliphate! It’s clear that she is pro Islam and anti-American and it’s pretty disgusting IMO that she is in Congress.


Islam n Socialism are both in direct conflict/contradiction with our way of life n the Constitution of the U.S, it staggers my mind to think such people have the future of OUR Country in their hands, we’re clearly being eatn from within, thank god for Mr. Trump or this would all be overrun and on a crash course to ruin.


We who welcome debate and dissent.





The entire House Democratic leadership denounced her for her “Benjamins” comment.
Somali-Americans in her district are expressing dismay at her comments, calling them “humiliating” among other things.

She is certainly polarizing, is creating havoc within the Democratic Party, and presents a golden opportunity for Donald to shriek “RADICALS!” at every campaign rally in the coming year. She’s a part of the new progressive left, and yes she’s problematic to the Democratic Party. I will never underestimate their ability to take a political advantage and utterly screw it up beyond all recognition.

However - saying “they all defend her or maybe a little slap on the wrist” is false.


Omar is throwing Obama under the bus to prove she isn’t racist?