Ilhan Omar rips Obama


I think she has been honest the whole time. I also know that anti-semetism is very prominent in the Islamic world as it is in the Quran and Hadith.

Not trying to paint to much with a broad brush but the things she is saying is no different than things members of the Labour Party in the U.K. have gotten in trouble for. There is a deep hatred for Israel and not just because of their foreign policy for many in the Islamic world.


Doesn’t really fit well with the whole “Obama’s a secret Muslim here to destroy America” schtick. Maybe she’s covering for him.


I never thought Obama was a Muslim he is probably a cultural Christian (Atheist).


Any respect Omar elicited for being frank about Obama, was blown by her feeble attempt to backtrack.
She said her remarks were distorted by the media then produced a tape of her saying exactly what was reported.


the “rolling stone” congresswomen

they are abhorrent


And here I thought AOC was more your type.


Hey, hey…muzzlem.


Ok, thank you for that. Trying to understand what motivates an opinion isn’t condoning it, a concept that’s difficult for some to understand.

Back to the original question - any thoughts on why she’d say Obama and Trump aren’t much different?


If you’ve seen one Christian…you’ve seen em all?


Thanks for your consistency.


Now come on…a little humor this Saturday morning before your 10th cup can’t hurt?


No bitterness or rancor here, just an observation: you’re simply not funny.


Then I apologize because I never mean any harm.


I think she was talking about the target droning (Foreign Policy).


Yes. She saw the effects of US foreign policy on certain countries firsthand.

We can argue whether her opinion’s wrong, or that she’s not wrong but why that policy has been necessary, but to my mind it’s necessary to get past this paralyzing partisan sniping if we’re ever going to attempt an understanding of why people think the way they do. Reducing her comments to a gotcha moment serves nothing.


she appears to think the way she does because she is anti-semitic


Anti-semitism motivated her to say Obama is more polished than Trump but otherwise no different?


I guess you haven’t seen any thread when a republican says or does anything here.


I’m a two girl man.


This knee jerk partisanship is what kills good debate. Please cite where I said this is a one sided phenomenon.

Does there have to be a default disclaimer in every post stating that unless a specific party is called out, we’re talking about something that transcends partisanship?