Ilhan Omar rips Obama


Pretty spot on.


Well done.


Come on man.


I love that she is talking, i don’t like that she is trying to say she was misquoted. Nothing she said in regards to President Obama was false


You know that’s a TOS violation. What the hell is wrong with you?



we’re not psychologists

it is not our responsibility to interpret her anti-semitic attitudes


Not a lot of thinking in that position.


Let me ask ya. If the president says ass, do you think we should judge him? If the poster who is outraged calls him a much worse term, should we judge that poster?


she makes her positions known it has nothing to do with what i think


Fix that filter by pass or I’m going to flag that ■■■■ myself.

We just had a talk about this.


Okay then.


yes i just… wow quoted the one proudly muslim freshman rep who referred to the president in those terms (talaib) but you can relax i edited it

funny how there’s no “wow just wow just wow…” when she says that

but what can ya do


You are free to rationalize. Truly free. Your rationalization notwithstanding you decided to use the term and say “she started it.”


you da boss now?

i abbreviated so it was not a huge deal but yet i fixed it

you can sleep tonight now you’re welcome


No, I’m not the boss.

Thank you.


Big enough you knew it was a filter by-pass.

You should be saying thank you for the TOS violation you avoided.


ok then dont act like it

you can make friendly reminders no one here is infallible. (i thought we talked about this)

thank you


I did.

You’re welcome.


We welcome debate and dissent. Can you say the same?


“We” who?