Ilhan Omar rips Obama


A sprinkle of Sharia a splash of antisemitism, and wallah!! A democratic congresswoman. Here comes the new Labour Party.


Oh my! :astonished:


such harsh words

scared to death she’ll fade from the “news” evidently


maybe she’ll move to impeach the “so and so “ from presidential history


I love how this just can’t compute in yalls brains.


She has only been in congress two months give her time I am sure she has more wonderful things to say about the Jews, even the democratic favorite person to bring up David Duke praised Omar. She’s just getting started.


ha yeah seriously i’m still waiting for the media to wonder when she will denounce him


it’s all about the benjamins


She has a unique perspective not every US politician can offer.


not every US politician hates jews like she does?

great perspective


That call out kinda reminds me of Rand Paul…though it doesn’t win you friends in the party.


Sorry, does that have anything to do with the thread topic, or you figure you could just toss that in and dismiss any discussion out of hand with it?


in my estimation, it goes hand in hand with the irresponsible hating naive attitude of hers, like AOC, which the spineless caucus is afraid to address


Why do you suppose she said the only difference between Obama and Trump was that the former was more polished? Anything in her background provide a clue as to why she’d think that way?


Obama and Trump are Jewish.


Good one


it’s not up to us nor us it our responsibility to suppose what she thinks or what her background drives her to say!

she is supposed to represent her district and the US. however she like her other immature self absorbed freshman collegues only care about their own agendas.


So you take no responsibility for your opinions of others by refusing to attempt to understand what shapes or motivates theirs.

Thanks for confirming, I guess.


Did you just…? Wow :joy::joy:


I’m in love…