Ilhan Omar rips Obama


name one Jewish person in congress that feels that way,
even if there was, it still wouldn’t make it ok,


Not in the party of intersectionality.


Must be a Muslim thing?


amongst Democrats!?

I’ve seen everything now in this world. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Obama drone policy is one of the single worst thing to happen in modern history he pretty much make it automatic approval system for drone strikes attacking anyone even American citizen.


Your referring to Al-Walaki? It’s hard for me to shed a tear for that person he single handily radicalized many English speakers with his recordings including the Boston bombers and many more.

While I don’t condone the killing of an American he was an enemy of the state and well past treason.


Then drag his ass back to America before a judge.


For once I agree with you. Every citizen has a Constitutional Right to Due Process before being relieved of their life by the Government no matter how despicable their crime. It would have been okay had he just been collateral damage in a bombing of a terrorist compound, but he was specifically targeted. Obama murdered him.


How do you drag someone back who is living inside war torn Yemen with Al-Qaeda? We’re not talking about someone who was hiding in a suburb in New Jersey.

I agree with you in principle but in execution it is basically the same thing that happened with Jihadi John of Britain. Do you blow him up now or wait for the caliphate to end to try to bring him to justice.


Should we keep in mind that this is the same state Trump won in 2016?


I’m not an Obama fan at all. But the swing to the far left that the dems have done since he left office is the biggest and quickest in history. Obama is 1000 times better than any of the announced democratic candidates. They are nowhere close to his equal.


Sure, if you like. It just adds to my point. :wink:


Yeah sure. If Obama was a new candidate with his same views and rhetoric he’d be grouped in with everyone else because it’s convenient.


They really haven’t. The core belief of Dems has stayed the same and always will – to care about the welfare of the country. Have some moved? Sure. But a few is not all. And I’m surprised that scary word socialism wasn’t in that post. :slight_smile:


She is a national security threat with that much hate for Jews, she is obviously there to support Muslims who think like her around the world and not the American people. I wouldn’t trust her near the President.


What a crock.


The ones who are far left are the ones getting all the media attention, which makes a huge difference seeing how we got Trump.


A conspiracy minded person might even think that the Media is subversively working to re-elect Trump. :wink:


She’s a Trojan Horse, just like Barry O was/is!


The saddest part is that Omar makes Obama look like he’s a moderate,
because she is so Radically to the Far Left Socialists.