Ilhan Omar rips Obama


Yes I do. First of all, Steyer isn’t Jewish and Soros is so far left he likely wouldn’t give a damn if Omar called for nuclear attack on Israel.

Second, Dems just can’t afford to piss off millennials and minorities, that’s essentially their base these days. Those are already highly contemptuous and suspicious of any “old white people” like Pelosi, Schumer and Hoyer who happen to be in charge for now (but likely not much longer)

Any attempt to run those free freshman firebrands off will be framed by liberal twitter as “Democratic leadership stabbing progressives and POC in the back by upholding white supremacy” and all hell would break loose.


What did she say that was anti-semitic?


They’re threatening the long established power base. They’ll be gone.
If the millennials and minorities don’t like it, where do they have to go? They’re not going to vote for Trump.
AOC will be the first to go. The NY Southern District will zero in on her campaign slush fund. The Democrats will look clean on that one.


They could break off, vote green party I guess but my guess is they’re not going to have to take that action.

How exactly do you think the Democratic leadership is going to get rid of three popular young freshmen , all in safe blue districts ? Primaring them won’t work anymore than primaring freshman tea partiers with mainstream republicans would’ve worked following 2010 tea party revolution.

There’s actually possibly a better chance of GOP winning those districts, however unlikely that scenario may seem.


AOC- Let the campaign finance laws take her down. I personally think she’s dirty as hell and in it for the money. Now, she’s started another slush fund asking for $27 donations to “defend” her, Omar and Tlaib. She’s trying to go too far, too fast. She’s taking herself down.

Read the articles in this thread about Omar no longer being popular in her district. Her constituents are saying they don’t like what she’s doing. They say she is humiliating them. She can be primaried.

Tlaib- I don’t know that much about her. I don’t know how much of a problem she is for the leadership


That’s what I said last time she was brought up in threads here for her remarks. Nothings going to happen to her.


I bet she ends up losing her seat on the committee she on and the next elections she’ll lose her seat as a congress women, TRUMP TRAIN WOOT WOOT!


No, she won’t. Not by a long shot.


People said that when I told them Mr. Trump was going to be the next president too, and look who won, TRUMP TRAIN WOOT WOOT


Even if campaign laws take down AOC, it’s probably not up to Pelosi.

The articles I’ve seen about Omar show some constituents not being happy, but so far it just seems anecdotal. Meanwhile all the publicity she’s getting is making her into a rising star in the party. Same is true of AOC, so you’d be hope you’re right about the campaign finance laws taking her down because she won’t go down easily.

My guess is those three will be around for a fairly long time.


Yep. Dems won’t risk punishing a Muslim woman. Never ever ever would that happen.


It’ll probably be up to the US Attorney for the Southern New York District. That office is a tool of the Democrats. You can bet that Schumer and the Clintons have a lot of influence with him. Pelosi will only have to sit back and watch it. The law was broken and it is a serious matter.

If Omar will shut up, she can probably survive until 2020. That’s a big if. What happens then, we’ll have to wait and see.


I am seriously perplexed as to what any plausible scenario may be that she does not make it to next election; short of being caught trafficking heroin.

If I were a betting man, I bet she survives way beyond 2020.

But - the odds just went up a bit on GOP recapturing the House in 2020. In 2018 they got trounced in the suburbs. With the radically left freshman Dems grabbing the headlines, those suburb voters may be having second thoughts.


An indictment could get her primaried. It could also get her expelled from the House.
Pocketing hunderds of thousands of dollars isn’t something her constituents would like, no matter how stupid they are.


Are you talking about AOC or Omar ?


The US Attorney for SDNY is a Trump appointee. Why would Pelosi and Schumer have influence with him?


I’d like to know that, too.

She did once speak at the same event with a Muslim man who expressed violently anti Semitic thoughts.

All I can find besides that is she doesn’t support the state of Israel or understand why she, as a Minnesota rep, needs to support any foreign country.

There are Jews who don’t even support or consider Israel a part of their ethnic or religious identity. Don’t hear anyone calling them anti-Semitic.


Ask her.
Among other things, she has said “Israel has hypnotized the world, may Allah awaken the people and help them see the evil doings of Israel.” Her other comments were complaints that Jews use their money to to buy US politicians and to promote Israel.
I don’t know about the hypnotism stuff, but I agree with her on the rest of it.
I would respect her if she didn’t continue backtracking and apologizing for her comments.
Why does she keep “unequivocally” apologizing? If she’s going to roll it back at the drop of a hat, why say it to begin with?

Her defense of her Obama attack was the lamest yet. She says her words were distorted.
“I’m an Obama fan”
She then offers a tape to prove she was misquoted and in it she says exactly what it was reported she said.

I think she’s a phony trying to get noticed.
She’s a little better than AOC, whom I believe is a money grubbing crook as well as a phony.


Well keep in mind that she is from the same state that elected Jesse Ventura and Al Frankin, so nothing should surprise us. :wink:


And Michelle Bachman :wink: